Welcome to the MX & MEPIS Community

This web site is developed and maintained by the community of MX & MEPIS users. Its purpose is to show you what we do and point you to where you can find out more about our work.

Our current development focuses on the exciting MX Linux, described below. Development of MEPIS itself is on indefinite hold, yet many users nonetheless run some form of MEPIS as their standard OS, and continue to find support and a friendly reception on the Community Forum.

Active Community Projects

  • MX Linux, an Xfce version based on Debian Stable and produced by a collaboration between antiX and MEPIS.
  • Community Repos, whose aim is to provide applications that are not included in the default Debian or MEPIS repositories, and/or provide more up to date versions of existing applications when requested.

This web site is maintained by the MX Community.

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