License: MX-Test-Repo-Installer

MX Test Repo Installer is released under the GNU GPL v. 3 license, whose full text can be found both online and onboard. The core statement is as follows: Basic Permissions. All rights granted under this License are granted for the term of copyright on the Program, and are irrevocable provided the stated conditions are … Read more

Automount usb sticks and cd/dvd discs in antiX

There are a couple of ways to achieve automounting of usb sticks and cd/dvd discs in antiX.  The easiest was is to use the spacefm desktop and/or spacefm in daemon mode. However, there is another low resource utility that can help with this problem, and its useable even in a console. The utility is called … Read more

Hulu (and possibly other sites requiring Flash DRM) and MX-15

MX-15 as shipped comes with a combination of pepperflash (Google’s special adobe flash) along with the freshplayerplugin (which allows pepperflash usage in firefox). This is great for the most part. Firefox gets a fully up-to-date flash. Unless your favorite website still uses adobe flash drm components. In the USA, the big culprit is Hulu, the … Read more

Lenovo s21e tips and tricks

There are a few things to know if you are going to use a Lenovo s21e with MX-15. 1.The installer on the MX-15 isos cannot use the long device names of the internal eMMC drive in the machine. Do a dist-upgrade with the live media before attempting an install, as the installer was upgraded after … Read more

Mount internal partition without using root password

By default, the gvfs/udisks2 stack requires a root/superuser password when mounting internal partitions.  Setting the “user” option in your /etc/fstab file will not change this behavior in the gui (by default, Thunar) file managers that utilize gvfs and/or udisks2. Authentication for udisks2 is handled with policy kit.  If you wish to override the default behavior … Read more

Format ext4 filesystem to be owned by regular user

Formating a new partition with ext4 requires root permissions. By default, mkfs requires root permissions to create the new filesystem. Also by defualt, mkfs creates root directory ownership on the new filesystem with the same permissions as the user that issued the command. Practically speaking for desktop-linux, this means that the new filesystem will always … Read more

Enabling Netflix in Google-Chrome Web Browser

1.  Install google-chrome using mx package installer. 2.  Enable the “experimental” mepis repo with the following:     commandline: edit as root /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mepis.list and add the following to the bottom of the file    deb experimental test    save the file     synaptic: click Settings > Repositories, and check the box to the left of the … Read more

Whisker Menu – Tips and tricks

Add Search Functions to the Search bar General To define new whisker menu search actions, right click on the whiskermenu icon on the panel and select “properties”. Select the “Search Actions” tab. Hit the ‘+’ button to define a new action. Fill in the Name and pattern that you would like.  The pattern should start … Read more

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