Dell XPS

Dell XPS machines are popular, but they require certain configuration changes to run on MX Linux. These two entries are taken from the Forum, and may be somewhat outdated with their particular solutions; later versions of the laptops as well as the OS may settle some concerns OOTB. XPS 13 Installation I shrank the Windows … Read moreDell XPS

Writing BASH scripts

Help for anyone interested in learning to write scripts for the command line (CLI) from a post by user skidoo. Bash Beginners Guide (Rutgers) … ers-Guide/linuxcommand getting started book www.linuxcommand.orgRyan’s tutorials: Bash Scripting Tutorial Programming – Introduction HOW-TO Scripting Tutorial for Beginners … -beginners the Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide Legal Bash Reference Manual Frequently Asked Questions … Read moreWriting BASH scripts


Introduction On traditional magnetic drives, deleted files are not completely removed from the disk at the time of deletion. This is why you can recover deleted files. Essentially, the filesystem just references the location of a file on the disk, and when a file is deleted, that reference is erased, allowing you to write new … Read moreTrim

Repos – MX-18

Default repositories Sources of software packages are listed in files contained in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/. Note that users may see minor changes due to localization (e.g., instead of or choice of mirror. antix.list # Use with Debian Stable/stretch repositories. Set as default for antiX-17. Note new repos deb stretch main #deb-src stretch main mx.list # MX Community Main and Test … Read moreRepos – MX-18