MX-Fluxbox releases new optional package

Not everything we develop ourselves or find useful in the work of past Fluxbox developers ends up in the released versions. Yet we would like to make such things available for interested users to try out, test and evaluate for possible inclusion in future versions. That is now possible with today’s release of the first … Read more

Different background for each MX-Fluxbox workspace

Many thanks to user PPC who dug up an excellent doc on the topic. I have tested it and, with a couple of tricks, it works well. 1. Open ~/.fluxbox/keys and insert anywhere the following entry: 2. Create a folder ~/.fluxbox/backgrounds/numbered. This will allow you to rename backgrounds without interfering with the original. 3. Copy the backgrounds you need (=number … Read more

MX-Fluxbox 2.2 released

MX Linux Devs and users are delighted to announce that a new version of MX Linux Fluxbox (AKA “MX-Fluxbox” or “MXFB”) has been released and will shortly become available in the repos. This totally integrated overlay to our flagship MX Linux Xfce combines the window management of Fluxbox with the desktop environment of Xfce to … Read more

Tint2 (panel)

Introduction tint2 is a simple panel/taskbar made for modern X window managers. It was specifically made for Openbox, but functions well with Fluxbox and Xfce. It is highly configurable and is used to provide a traditional panel for MX-Fluxbox 2.2 and later. Installation MX-Fluxbox users will have it installed by default. Others may install it … Read more

Detailed ISO list

Last edited: 20210320 Location Original Releases x64 Original Releases 386 Original Release ahs_x64 Original Release kde_x64 Snapshots Anywhere SourceForge x64 386 ahs_x64 kde_x64 List Anywhere OSDN x64 386 ahs_x64 kde_x64 List Argentina x64 386 ahs_x64 kde_x64 List Australia x64 386 ahs_x64 kde_x64 List Australia x64 386 ahs_x64 kde_x64 List Australia x64 386 ahs_x64 kde_x64 List … Read more

ISO download mirrors

Here are the mirrors of MX Linux ISOs that are known to us. Click on the architecture link (386 or x64) you need from the mirror that you want, usually the one closest to you. Snapshots begin a few months after any Original Release, and include all upgrades and subsequent bug fixes since the Original;…

New version of the Users Manual released

It’s been chugging along for some 13 years, but the Users Manual is alive and well. An updated version has just been released, now a full 200 pages with the addition of KDE verbal and graphic support for the upcoming MX Linux – KDE. The Manual is installed with the OS, and is available online … Read more

HELP: Rofi

Introduction Rofi is an X11 pop-up window switcher, run dialog, script launcher and more. It focuses on being fast to use and causing minimal distraction. This Help file describes it as installed in MX-Fluxbox 2.2 and later to function as the run app instead of the native fbrun. Usage The app can be launched in … Read more

MX-Fluxbox was just upgraded: what now?

1. Things are a bit different for MX-Fluxbox users because the core of this Window Manager—the actual package named “mx-fluxbox”–contains files that need to be located inside the /home directory. That means that the upgrade process can not be completed without the user’s active participation—i.e., it’s not enough to just provide the root password at … Read more

MX-Fluxbox 2.1 apps and settings released

The MX Linux Devs and Community are happy to announce the release of MX-Fluxbox 2.1, a point release and significant upgrade for this fully integrated overlay to MX Linux. Besides incorporating bug fixes and package updates from the last three months, this release brings new apps and revised settings to create a tighter and more … Read more

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