Installing software

Introduction At the root of all package goodness lies dpkg. This is a low-level command-line tool that can be used to install (and remove, list etc) Debian packages (basically .deb files). The apt family of tools are medium-level command-line tools that use dpkg as the real workhorse. They provide a front-end to dpkg which is … Read more

Frugal installation

Introduction A frugal install goes onto an existing partition and can co-exist with other frugal installs, with installed Linux or installed Windows. The major benefit is you get to take advantage of the speed and size of an internal drive, up to literally ten times faster! If you are starting out with a usb-3 live-usb … Read more


Introduction DOSEMU stands for DOS Emulation, and allows you to run DOS and many DOS programs, including many DPMI applications such as DOOM and Windows 3.1, under Linux. Installation DOSEMU is available in the repos. As installed, it must be run as root. To run DOSEMU as a normal user, it is necessary to edit … Read more

Boot parameters

1. Boot Installed 2. Boot LiveCD/USB –a. Debugging –b. Loading Modules –c. Persistence –c. Personalization –e. Remastering –f. X-Windows –g. Other Live System Features –h. New for antiX-15! From the man page: “The Linux kernel accepts certain ‘command-line options’ or ‘boot time parameters’ at the moment it is started. In general this is used to … Read more


On this page: Introduction Edit PDF files Insert/remove, rearrange, and merge pages Reduce PDF file size PDF forms Insert comments Web to PDF Scan to PDF Encryption Introduction The Portable Document Format or PDF was developed by Adobe Systems in 1993. The main purpose of the effort was to develop a document format that would … Read more

Compiling software

[This page needs review]           See also Compiling and installing a new kernel On this page: Introduction Preconfiguration Download and unpack Configure and install dependencies Compile the program Install the program Cross-compile without Virtual Box Introduction Compiling transforms source code written in a programming language into a binary form that creates an executable program. Before … Read more

Broadcom wireless

Introduction There are a number of different types of drivers for Broadcom wireless chipsets that have different capabilties and features. Here are some examples: Driver Description Comment brcmsmac/brcmfmac Open-source kernel drivers   b43, b43legacy and b44 Reverse-engineered kernel drivers   broadcom-wl   Proprietary Broadcom STA driver Causes kernel drivers to be blacklisted brcm80211 Open-source kernel … Read more

License: MX Codecs Installer

MX Codecs Installer is released under the GNU GPL v. 3 license, whose full text can be found both online and onboard at usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-3. The core statement is as follows: Basic Permissions. All rights granted under this License are granted for the term of copyright on the Program, and are irrevocable provided the stated conditions are … Read more

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