BitJam’s programs list

Some of the other programs BitJam has written but don’t have a home: localize-repo localizes antiX/MX and Debian repos based on time-zone. make-xorg-conf creates an xorg.conf file for the live system if it is needed. splash-term set the console background from the command line. all-splash update the background image on all opened consoles. Typically called … Read more BitJam’s programs list


MX Linux Devs, in an effort to reduce the repetitive questions of new users, has published its first version of Frequently Asked Questions. Additions and revisions will occur frequently, and can be tracked through the Wiki entry. Feedback and suggestions can be posted on the Forum. En français. Can I use Ubuntu PPA’s? Ubuntu is not Debian, … Read more MX FAQs

Important changes to MX Package Installer Released

This morning’s updates bring significant revisions to one of the MX Tools. MX Package Installer retains its selection of packages that are popular or somewhat obscure such as the language packs or Wine installation and configuration. Responding to user request, packages can now be uninstalled by simply selecting them and clicking the appropriate button. A … Read more Important changes to MX Package Installer Released

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