Bug Manager now available at

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With the growing user-base for MX and antiX, we've decided to change our old bug tracker out for an 
improved bugzilla-based Bug Manager.

The new system is availabe at

The new system allows us to automatically assign bug reports to certain team members automatically, and
allows for easier tracking of bug reports.

The Big Update is Here

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The big update for MX 17 is now in the repos.

nvidia-driver users may have an extra hiccup.   If you find certain applications not starting, like MX-PackageInstaller or Steam, then its likely your nvidia-driver was removed, either during an "autoremove" action or possiblly during the regular update if you have configured the updater to run autoremove automaticaly.

However, running 'Nvidia Driver Installer" from the menu and reinstalling the driver appears to work to restore functions.




Flatpak applications now available through MX Package Installer

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MX Package Installer now features flatpak management through the new "flatpaks" tab.


The new "flatpaks" tab comes preconfigured to use the third-party "flathub" remote repository. Other remote repositories can be added via the Advanced options if the user wishes. Support for adding flatpaks via flatpakref files is also available through the Advanced options.

New MX Tool: MX Boot Options

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MX Boot Options is a new application being added to the MX Tools that allows for easy selection of some common items related to the grub boot menu.  The items include:

1.  Setting a grub menu timeout (the default is 5 seconds on installed systems)

2.  Changing the default grub menu entry to boot.

3.  Changing the grub menu background.

4.  Enabling selection of boot splash on installed systems.  MXBO will install plymouth if necessary.

5.  Selection of boot message display verbosity.

Support ends for Debian-Wheezy based MX-14

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Long Term Support for Debian Wheezy ends today. As MX-14 is based on Wheezy, its official support also ends as planned.

The MX-14 repositories will remain available indefinitely at (and for the near term at and but they will soon no longer be officially mirrored elsewhere.


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