MX-Fluxbox 2.2 released

MX Linux Devs and users are delighted to announce that a new version of MX Linux Fluxbox (AKA “MX-Fluxbox” or “MXFB”) has been released and will shortly become available in the repos. This totally integrated overlay to our flagship MX Linux Xfce combines the window management of Fluxbox with the desktop environment of Xfce to provide a unique computing experience. With new toolbar and run applications, MXFB 2.2 introduces substantial improvements aimed at increasing the pleasure and convenience for users of all levels.


As explained already in a previous Blog post, MX-Fluxbox installation involves two steps:

1) To the System:

  • Existing users will receive the upgrade to the system automatically. Make sure you have done a full upgrade first!
  • New users can install it via MX Package Installer > Popular Applications, Window Managers entry.

2) To Home:

  • Minimum option (new): launch updated MX Tweak (20.09.01 version) in a Fluxbox session by pressing F5 or clicking on the Dock icon. On the Fluxbox tab, click on “Update existing menu entries.” (OR: in a terminal enter: menu-migrate) This will bring in a faster and more versatile run app as well as a much improved traditional panel, along with an About app, but will not introduce other changes from the new version. Users already running rofi or tint2 will not have their settings replaced.
  • Standard option (see previous Blog): in either a Fluxbox or an Xfce session, open the Xfce menu and launch “MX Fluxbox.” (OR: in a terminal enter: This procedure will back up the existing Fluxbox settings and replace them with all changes from the new version. You can also carry out this procedure by opening MX-Tweak in an Xfce or MX-Fluxbox session and clicking “Reset ALL mx-fluxbox settings” (log out and back in if in Fluxbox).


Two exciting major changes have been introduced:

  • A totally new traditional panel using tint2 that is highly configurable in terms of both function and appearance. A single click Menu > Appearance > Toolbar allows the user to switch back and forth between the Fluxbox and the traditional menu.
Traditional panel using tint2
  • A new and versatile run/launcher/window changer/calculator application called rofi that among other uses supplies a complete application menu for the rootMenu. Includes many skins to suit the user’s taste.
The app rofi used as an application launcher

Other changes:

  • An “About” app added to menu
  • A rounded window style by default
  • New unique and creative artwork
  • New key combinations such as Logo or Super key to launch “All apps”
  • Various bugfixes
  • Updated documentation
  • Updated translations

Known issues

  • Because different apps are being used, it is not possible to have the Fluxbox panel, the Dock and the tint2 Panel display with identical dimensions by default. Adjustments for individual preferences and hardware can be made with the tint2config app, for which an icon can be found at the panel’s left end next to the start button.
  • The use of rofi’s calc mode for currency conversion is currently broken because the update of currency rates fails; a workaround can be found in the Help file.
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