Bug Manager now available at bugs.mxlinux.org

With the growing user-base for MX and antiX, we’ve decided to change our old bug tracker out for an 
improved bugzilla-based Bug Manager.

The new system is availabe at bugs.mxlinux.org

The new system allows us to automatically assign bug reports to certain team members automatically, and
allows for easier tracking of bug reports.

Users are able to view all existing bug reports without signing in to an account.  If you wish to file
a bug report, you will need to register for a bug tracker account.   Users that file reports will receive
status updates when action happens on their report.   Reports may be filed for MX and antiX (please choose
the correct project for your situation when filing a report).

Remember when filing a report to include as much information as possible, including the circumstances of
the suspected bug, how to make it occur, and your system information (the MX Quick System Info tool will copy 
a system report to your clipboard for easy pasting, or use “inxi -Fxrz” from either MX or antiX).

Keep in mind that the Bug Manager is not for routine support questions.  Please continue to use the forum or the various social media groups for those kinds of situations.

We wish to thank our user’s for their continued support.

1 thought on “Bug Manager now available at bugs.mxlinux.org”

  1. Why using systemd and pulseaudio? Ok it is included in debian but…

    My first notice about MX, running AntiX Linux before, mush slower boottime, too much fancy graphics with console half transparent console? Why?

    On the 1960 there was a phrase KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid
    = why make it more complex than it need to be.


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