Changes to MX default apt sources coming soon.

Feb 10, 2020

This week we will be removing the antiX repos from our default sources. By default, these are all contained within /etc/apt/sources.list.d/antix.list.

The reason is to allow maximum flexibility for both antiX and MX to develop special versions of packages without stepping on each other’s toes. The relationship between antiX and MX has not changed in any way.

So what does the user need to do… nothing really. In the next few days an update to our mx-system package (version 20.02.04) will come down which will backup and remove from active use the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/antix.list file. In our tests, which are currently ongoing, if this happens through the regular mx-updater process, then you don’t even have to refresh your sources afterwards.

If you are a manual updater, after the new mx-system package comes down you will want to refresh your sources afterward. There is a message in the apt output to that effect, but it can be easy to miss if there are a lot of updates coming in at the same time.

No packages will be removed, and all the default antiX packages that we currently use will also update, as we are moving them into our own repos.

The antiX kernel and application entries in the “Popular Apps” area of MX-PackageInstaller will also be updated to temporarily enable the antiX repo when needed. But they will not be available for install in synaptic or in any other package manager without the user manually enabling the antiX repo.

If you wish, its safe to disable the antiX repos now. You can do this easily via MX-Repo-Manager, or via manually editing/removing the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/antix.list file, and refreshing your sources afterwards.

7 thoughts on “Changes to MX default apt sources coming soon.”

    • not that we’ve noticed. a couple of folks needed to update sources (as in apt update) but mostly its been pretty positive.


  1. i somehow have managed to install cli version of antix from a mxlinux-usb-stick (and apt intalled dwm) n was happy with it .. recent apt update keeps giving me mx-resource related error .. maybe has something to do with this change?

    • probably not. the sources were not enabled by default when they were added. however, we did have a server go down so that might be related. should be back up later today/tomorrow. la repo mirrors.

  2. I cannot find either kernels 4.19.120 or 5.6.10

    Since the change, I haven’t been able to download newer kernels on command line or this CLI-AptiX. I cant even find these kernels on the package manager found in MX Tools.

    Is this transition still going on?!?

    • its done but the kernel versions have probably changed since this post.

      the current antiX 4.9 kernel is 4.9.221

      we long longer have a 4.19 antix kernel entry. we have a 5.4 entry (5.4.7). They do have a 5.6 kernel as well, but MX-Packageinstaller’s entries have not been updated to offer that one its only been recently that we have updated -dkms drivers that would build on it.

      if you want, you can re-enable the antiX repo to get whatever kernel you wish. Just make sure you don’t do a dist-upgrade from there or unexpected results could happen (there are good reasons for the sources seperation). the antiX repo mirrors are here: just don’t enable the nosystemd section. all you will need is the “main” section.

      • Ok. That makes sense. I didn’t understand that, thank you. When I read the spectre/meltdown kernels it mentioned 4.9.221, 4.19.120 and 5.6.10

        So I could install 5.4.7 and have the spectre/meltdown protection?



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