Community KDE respin of MX-16

From Stevo:

The unofficial respin of MX-15, which adds a customized KDE Jessie 4.14 desktop, plus keeps their theming from stepping on each other’s toes, has been fully updated and migrated to the MX-16 base. All MX 16 homebrewed applications are also present, and the xfce desktop is the default MX 16 dark theme. No changes were made to the customized KDE desktop from the MX-15 respin. Firefox and Thunderbird were updated to the latest releases just before the remaster on March 8, and keepnote was added per a user request.

Download it (“”) from the respin directory.

Known minor issue: the GRUB menu screen after installation refers to “*MX” instead of MX-16. I also had to manually edit /etc/default/grub so it would point to the MX-16 beach background after installation before I did the remaster–otherwise, the live session would show the beach, but it would switch back to MX-15’s Squam Lake after the install.

Unlike the other remasters, this one is in a zip file, which contains the ISO, hash files, and the signature file. The zip archive make the total download a few 10’s of megabytes smaller.

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