Disk-manager and mx-samba-config

When MX 21 was released, many folks lamented the fact that disk-manager was missing from the default installation. Disk-manager was python2 based and the original author was not going to update the app to python3. So we adopted disk-manager into the mx tool family (with permission from original developer Mertens Florent), and a new version was ported to python3 largely by MX team members Nite Coder and fehlix. Disk-manager maintains its ability to mount internal partitions and act as an editor for /etc/fstab. The app is currently available in the MX test repo and will eventually make it to the main repo once translations catch up a little.

The second app many noticed missing from MX’s usual configuration was system-config-samba, which provided an interface for creating samba/cifs shares via editing of smb.conf. This app was also python2 and more or less deprecated on debian 11. Rather than try to port system-config-samba to python3, we decided to work on a new app that would be more useful for folks that might also be using the thunar-shares-plugin or the plasma/dolphin file sharing capabilities. The new app is mx-samba-config (by team members adrian and d.o.) and works with the same samba “usershare” system as the file manager plugins. The user can setup up samba shares for folders they own, as well as proving an interface for adding and removing samba users. mx-samba-config is currently available in the MX test repo, and also moving towards getting translations.

So if the capabilities of the old apps are something you missed, check out the new apps in the MX Test Repo. The best way is with mx-packageinstaller->test repo tab.

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  1. Really good! Mx linux does not stop improving with more tools and simplify the life of Sysadmins, advanced and end users.
    Long live for this stupendous and beautiful job.


  2. Thanks, guys!

    Thank-you soooooo much for keeping us SAMBA users in your thoughts! I left Mint because of its adoption of the Warpinator idea. Unless someone can come up with a better method to answer the need of people like myself, with a mixed-environment use case, I say SAMBA should always be kept a must have, security included of course.

    Bear in mind, if someone is willing to explain a better way to serve the mixed environment, I’m all ears. ­čśÇ

    Thanks again for paying attention to the user base! MX is a beautiful distro, IMHO!

  3. Over the last few months, I have tried many different Linux distributions. MX Linux is both the easiest to use as well as the easiest to configure. Nearly everything I want works right out of the box. These new tools are the final keys to make it easily the best distribution I have ever used.
    Thank you all so much.

    • Just a quick update.
      I used MXLinux Fluxbox on an older 64bit computer that had some extra sata connections to make myself a small NAS system.
      I used some older 500gb drives I had from leftover builds from long ago.
      I now have 2TB of network storage available.
      Posted from my laptop running MXLinux 21 KDE.


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