Flatpak applications now available through MX Package Installer

MX Package Installer now features flatpak management through the new “flatpaks” tab.

The new “flatpaks” tab comes preconfigured to use the third-party “flathub” remote repository. Other remote repositories can be added via the Advanced options if the user wishes. Support for adding flatpaks via flatpakref files is also available through the Advanced options.

So what are flatpaks? Flatpaks are a way of packaging applications such that they run on any distribution with the flatpak environment set up.

The benefit to users is that newer applications than what may be otherwise available in a project’s own repos become available for use. The trade-off is the larger file size of these packages since they have all dependencies and libraries included in the flatpak. Flatpaks also will likely not follow the overall system theme.

Consider the flatpak support in MX Package Installer as an extra option to our regular standard repos. Flatpaks are packaged by third parties and not by Debian or MX. Issues with individual flatpaks should be reported to the developer or maintainer of the flatpak. We are not supporting the flatpaks or the remotes themselves.

Translation work of the new MX Package Installer will take place over the coming weeks, and we will release updates as they become available.

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