Guess what? There is a now a PC available with MX Linux Preinstalled

When we set out creating MX Linux 6 years ago, we honestly never thought a day would come when MX would be found preinstalled on vendor-offered PC. That was for the likes of the big boys like Ubuntu, not for little guys like MX.

Fast forward 6 years. The PC business is starting to see more and more Linux offerings preinstalled from some big name vendors and some big name Linux distros.

Star Labs, a UK based laptop vendor, is offering their laptops not only with Ubuntu preinstalled, but also with several other smaller distributions, including MX Linux. You can check out the offerings at Their offerings look pretty compelling hardware-wise, from the less expensive mark III to the higher-end the mk IV (currently in pre-order for July shipping).

We are especially excited because modern, current-generation laptops are offered for sale with MX Linux preinstalled. We never expected it. But we are very glad to see it.

Call it a win for the little guys.

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  1. Yeah! They have to be using the AHS edition with those tenth generation Intel CPUs. Plus they do UEFI firmware (BIOS) updates from with MX using fwupd!

  2. I will not be nasty as for the comparison between ubuntu and Mx . Having tried both , and having installed Mx on my dell laptop now, I definitely prefer the Mx to the ubuntu . It looks much easier to use , as well as much nicer ……
    Big achievement ! litle , little , little star ………..

    • Ich stimme voll zu.
      Diese automatische Übersetzung ins Deutsche ist völlig unverständlich, kein Deutschsprechender versteht das.

      Full agreement.
      This automatic translation by Google cannot be understand by German speaking people.
      Means, it is not an aid to German users, it is total confusion.

      Based on this I switched to English

      I’m using Linux for 20 years, means I’m not beginner.
      Even I can understand nearly nothing of the automatic German translation

  3. Many new users don’t like installing Linux manually , thus OEM is a great choice for them! Looking forward to seeing smaller distros like MX become a pre-install option for major PC/laptop vendors like HP/Dell/Lenovo!

  4. ¡Genial! ¿Cuándo las venderán así en Argentina? porque en estos momentos en el país comprar algo en el exterior te sale el doble por todos los pagos de aduana que el nuevo gobierno impuso.
    Felicitaciones a los desarrolladores de MX, se lo han ganado con justicia y trabajo.

  5. Я очень многим устанавливаю MX Linux и многим нравится! Тем самым потихоньку отучаю людей от другой ОС из мелкософта. И люди благодарны так как даже старые компьютеры ожили и прекрасно себя чувствуют, даря людям радость!

  6. I must admit I never expected this but I’m very glad it’s a thing. My one worry is about support and whether buys will expect more than the MX team can provide and whether that may be a problem for MXs reputation.

    The MX forums are a great resource with some of the best users and moderators. It may be a little unconventional to a new MX user that just got their new machine.

    Sorry, not meaning to be a downer, maybe I’m just a worrier. Good luck

    • All of the other distros they offer are also community supported. Ubuntu is the only one that offers any kind of a paid support plan and I’m not even sure if that’s available for non-enterprise versions.

      I doubt if hordes of people are going to buy these anyway vs. installing Linux on a laptop they already own, and of those who do buy one many will choose one of the other distros. So I doubt if these Starlab laptops will impact the MX support forum all that much. Maybe a dozen new users a year at the most, would be my guess.

  7. I have been a linux user for several years. started out with redhat! I use mx linux on one of my older laptops and love the easy layout and install features. It is a great day for mx linux and linux users in general to have manufactures now giving people the linux option pre installed. i have been promoting mx and a few other distro’s since they have been available. Great Job to all the people who make linux possible!!

  8. Ich bin Neu hier.
    Habe auf meinem neuen Notebook verschiedene Linux schon ausprobiert.
    Linux Mint , Pop OS, Linux MX.
    Linux MX funktioniert sehr gut seit 19.2 ahs.
    Bluetooth wird jetzt erkannt und funktioniert gut.
    Leider immer noch schwächen mit Wlan treiber rtl8723bs. Verbindet sich nur mit 72Mb/s .
    Aber für mich OK.
    Sehr schöne Oberfläche.
    Weiter so.
    Das wird der totale Renner :-))

  9. Outstanding job, all around!
    … from an old Slacker (#113). This is the only other flavor I have ever used – and will continue to do so.

  10. Congrats!! You guys are doing an excellent work! I have been using it for quite some time now. And I have it on my main desktop and laptop. Even my son that is studying programming has it on his laptop.

  11. ¡¡¡Felicidades!!! Vengo usando su distribucion desde MX16 y me encanta. La instalé en computadoras de escritorio, en netbooks escolares y en mi notebook.

  12. I thin k over the years I have tried so many Distros. But in the last few years I have settled on MX for the choice.
    At one point I might have chosen Mint, but MX has the best with update reminder, and a very easy to use Package Manager, that is maintained well.

  13. It’s fantastic! I’m very glad for you and for the people who worked hard to make a OS that is really a simple and beautifull OS. Now that I’ ve tested it on my old laptop if someone would propose me to use a new laptop I surely replace Windows with Mx Linux because for me is really a gift to discover it.

  14. Love it. To further promotion, maybe the MX Linux site can follow the lead of some of the other distributions listed on the Starlabs site. Manajaro, Zorin, Elementary, Mint all have a hardware link that displays manufacturers that utilize their OS. MX can capitalize on the same 🙂

  15. Really amazing, I am very happy to hear the news.

    Then, Star LabTop Mk Ⅳ is equipped with a
    world’s first “Keyboard of Linux” (probably).

    Mk Ⅳ not have “that key”,
    Star LabTop Mk Ⅳ have “super” key.
    So beautiful keyboard.

    Sxrface have windowx genuine keybord,
    Mac have mac genuine keyboard,
    Star LabTop have “Linux genuine keyboard”. wow

    Its very minor things,
    but Star’s keyboard probably will be recorded in
    computer’s history.

  16. Son muy buenas noticias. Mx Linux Patito Feo para mí marca un antes y un después. Es una distro poderosa y fácil de usar para los que queremos emigrar de windows a linux, ademas de que utiliza bajos recursos (memoria RAM) . En mi caso es la primera vez que uso Linux y la instale hace tres meses en dos laptops, la mía y la de mi hijo y fue casi inmediato el adaptarnos.

    Felicitaciones a los que están haciendo posible esto.
    Saludos desde México

  17. Congratulations! It’s a fitting testament to the excellent work you’ve done with this distro. What’s an ubuntu?


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