Introducing our new website

We are delighted to announce the unveiling of the new official website for MX Linux at !

It has been more than 6 years since the original website was launched, and it was high time for a revamp and to reorganise the content for easier viewing, access and searchability.

Major developments:

(1) Use of WordPress for the platform instead of Drupal.

(2) A newly-designed mobile version of the site to enable easier readability and navigation of the website on mobile devices

(3) Major restructuring of navigation menus and relocation of various links to make things easier to find on the website. Admittedly, with 6 years of accretion of content, users were sometimes confused as to where to find certain pages or information. For example, the download and torrent links are now placed together and easily accessed on the same page, via a large “Get MX Linux” button on the Home page. Similarly, there are now dropdown menu items pointing directly at the MX FAQ and Sources List pages respectively.

(4) The location of a search bar on the Home page. Prior to this, the search bar was only accessible after first navigating to the Wiki pages.

(5) Complete rethinking of the palette with an eye toward a more modern look, and taking some inspiration from the MX-18 artwork.

(6) Some new material has been added, for example, a statement of our Terms of Use (of our software, logo and name) and our Privacy Policy can now be located from links at the bottom of each page.

(7) Certain amount of revision has been carried out, for example, the simplification and clarification of “Repos” (formerly Community Repos) on the navigation bar that was carried out in concert with timkb4cq.

(8) New graphics in various places, particularly the Home Page.

(9) Comments can be posted on the page of any wiki entry by anyone. This will facilitate users who may wish to clarify or expand on the information set out in the wiki entry. Any registered member wanting to contribute to the wiki itself may request expanded member privileges from peregrine, our webmaster, and this will be granted subject to approval from the Team.

The work team: peregrine (major thanks to her as she did all the heavy lifting!), Jerry3904, Richb and myself.

Enjoy the new site,

asqwerth (on behalf of the MX Dev Team)

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