Meltdown & Spectre News

Meltdown & Spectre News

New kernels are available that include patches for the “meltdown” kernel issues. The following kernels that have been patched are available in MX-Packageinstaller.


  1. Debian-Backports 64 bit (currently a patched 4.9 kernel)
  2. Debian 64 bit (currently a patched 3.16 kernel)


  1. Debian 64 bit (currently a patched 4.9 kernel)
  2. MX 4.14 kernel (currently a patched 4.14.12)
  3. Liquorix Kernel 64 bit (latest from mx test repo)

Due to technical issues, the default antiX-17 4.10 kernel and the default MX-17 4.13 kernel have not been patched. Also not being patched is the MX15/16 4.2 and 4.7 kernels.

Other kernel options may come available over time. Debian hasn’t backported the patch to 4.13 as the current backports kernel is 4.14. For normal fixes we would patch it ourselves, but the meltdown patches are not trivial, so 4.13, if it happens, will take a little longer.

Users can also try the patched antiX kernels, with information about those available here: antiX blog – “spectre” and “meltdown” – security kernel upgrades

Updated kernels are also available for our 32 bit versions, but be advised that there have not been any upstream 32 bit patches for meltdown made available as yet. This means that 32-bit users are still vulnerable, despite what kernel upgrades they do. We will push any 32-bit fixes if they become available.​

As to spectre vulnerabilities, the browser makers continue to harden their browsers, so keep up with your software updates.

In related news, as we hammer out details about the kernels and impacts to our installation media, there will not be a January snapshot.


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