MX-17.1-RC1 Release Candidate 1 available for testing


March 6, 2018

Updated iso images 

–direct download: … ng/MX17.1/

We are pleased to offer MX-17.1-RC1 for testing.

Updated packages

This release is a roll-up of all updates since initial release, and features the following highlights:

–4.15.0-1 kernels for both 32bit and 64bit isos (64 bit are patched for meltdown/spectre issues)
The 32 bit iso has a PAE kernel for RAM usage above ~4GB
Easily change kernels, say to the latest liquorix kernel or downgrade to Debian Stable Kernel (4.9) via MX Package Installer

–The latest updates from debian (stretch), antiX and MX repos.

Updated packages (sample)
Browser: Firefox 58.0.2
Video Player: VLC 2.2.8-2 (3.0 in test repo)
Music Manager/Player: Clementine 1.3.1
Email client: Thunderbird 52.6
Office suite: LibreOffice 6.0.1
Backup: LuckyBackup 0.4.9-1
Security: Passwords and Keys 3.20.0-3.1
Terminal: Xfce4 Terminal 0.8.3-1

–New and updated mx-apps

MX-Updater now has an “Auto-update” option in preferences that enables unattended upgrades.
MX-Live-USB-Maker is a new, more functional frontend to the antiX live-usb-maker cli utility. It also offers a “copy image to usb (dd)” mode for non-antiX/MX family isos.
MX-Tweak adds a “Config Options” tab for resetting lightdm and thunar custom actions to the distro defaults.
almost all mx-apps received translation updates (we love translators!)
Updates to MX Package Installer, including faster performance.

Improved localization
localization of the Thunar custom actions menu (more languages!)
additional translations of our mx-manual (including german, french, russian, italian and now spanish!)

Thunar custom actions updated to force a password prompt on all root-level actions.
lightdm-gtk-greeter (the login screen) now has an on-screen keyboard as an accessibility feature.
simple-scan and gnome-schedule return to the default applications on this iso.
tweaks to tlp settings to improve bluetooth experience

The plan is for existing users to receive all upgraded packages through the usual update channels. The new kernel is available in mx-packageinstaller -> popular apps! The thunar custom actions and lightdm-gtk-greeter configurations are re-settable through MX-Tweaks->Config Options tab.

Please place any feedback here: MX-17.1-RC1 Release Candidate Feedback

If posting hardware issues, please post the output of the terminal command “inxi -F” or use our “Quick-system-info” from the menu, at a minimum.

If posting nvidia-installer issues, please post the contents of /var/log/ddm.log.

If posting remaster issues, please include the contents of /var/log/live/live-remaster.log

If posting issues with MX-PackeageInstaller “Popular Apps”, please post contents of /var/log/mxpi.log or /var/log/mxpi.log.old (whichever contains the log of your issue). 

Thank you!

Dolphin Oracle (on behalf of the MX Dev Team)