MX-17 released December 15, 2017

MX-17 final images are now available for download.

direct download:



32 bit Linuxtracker

64 bit Linuxtracker

This release feature the following:

4.13.0-1 kernels for both 32bit and 64bit isos (yes, we still have 32 bit!)
The 32 bit iso has a PAE kernel for RAM usage above ~4GB
Easily change kernels, say  to the latest liquorix kernel or downgrade to Debian Stable Kernel (4.9) with MX Package Installer

The latest updates from debian (stretch) (debian 9.3)

Xfce 4.12.3

All the antiX live features, including persistence (up to 20GB!) and remaster

Automatic selection of appropriate driver for most broadcom chipsets (in most cases, no user intervention required)

Updated packages (sample)
Browser: Firefox 57.0.2
Video Player: VLC 2.2.7-1
Music Manager/Player: Clementine 1.3.1
Email client: Thunderbird 52.5
Office suite: LibreOffice 5.4.1-1 (x64)
Backup: LuckyBackup 0.4.9-1
Security: Passwords and Keys 3.20.0-3.1
Terminal: Xfce4 Terminal 0.8.3-1

themable notifications (see Notifications in Xfce Settings)

New and updated mx-apps

mx-tools dashboard now has a larger interface
mx-tweak provides one-stop spot for simple compositor (Xfce or Compton), panel orientation, and other “tweak” type changes
mx-conky provides a method for doing simple edits to conky files (color changes, etc…)
mx-network-assistant is a general purpose network troubleshooting tool.
mx-iDevice-mounter for helping get iPhone and similar devices mounted in the file manager.
mx-updater (formerly apt-notifer), including new themes available in preferences
the antiX snapshots features via mx-snapshot
updated Nvidia installer tool
Quick-System-Info for quick and easy “inxi -F” system info.

MX Package Installer includes 
1) popular applications from the Debian Stable repos; 
2) packages brought in from Debian Testing/Sid and properly configured; 
3) packages not found in Debian repos at all but pulled from developers’ websites or other distro-specific repos and also properly configured.

Browsers: Google-Chrome (64 bit), Opera, slimjet, etc.
Children: Preschool, Primary, etc.
Graphics: ImageMagik, Inkscape, etc.
Messaging: Pidgin, Skype (64 bit), etc.
Network: Dropbox, Tor and Privoxy, etc.
Office: GnuCash, Gnumeric, Abiword, okular, evince, Adobe Reader, Calibre, etc.
System: Budgie Desktop, KDE, LXDE, MATE, etc. (not configured)
Audio: Audacity, DeaDBeeF, Pithos, Spotify, etc.
Video: DVDStyler, MPlayer, OpenShot, kdenlive, etc.

New art work and icons
many thanks to the artists and contributors who provided the wallpapers, icons, and bootloader screens for this release
antechdesigns, timkb4cq, paul, skiddoo, and ghost67, as well as the papirus-icon-theme developers for making some tweaks for us.
hdpi and xhdpi arc-themes
updated Greybird themes
additional themes provided in MX Package Installer
preconfigured conky display by default
several pre-packaged conky configurations (see Conky-Manager to change and select)

Improved localization
localization of the Thunar custom actions menu (9 languages)
many of the mx-apps now have french translations of their help files.  
additional translations of our mx-manual

cli-aptiX, the commandline/console package manager from antiX, is preinstalled.
neofetch (like screenfetch) for diagnostics and showing off.
One-click enabling of Event, login, and logout sounds via MX-System-Sounds (3 themes included)
One-click enabling Hibernation (requires swap, this is somewhat experimental)

Note:  Testers who installed MX-17 RC1 don’t need to reinstall. Re-installation is recommended for people who installed Betas. People who use MX-16.1 or older version will need to reinstall.

So many people have worked on this release.  Thank you to all the testers, promoters, content creators, critics, developers, and cheer leaders.  

Special thanks to:
adrian for managing and updating the mx-apps, including MX-Package Installer
timkb4cq for mx-iDevice-mounter
paul for improving mx-welcome and shepherding mx-packaginstaller’s Popular Apps tab
kmathern for checkaptgpg and mx-updater (the app formerly known as apt-notifer)
Old Giza and the Translations crew for keeping our translations up to date (create place to volunteer)
Jerry3904 for the conky config management, as well as the herculean effort of keeping up with documentation and the mx-manual
asqwerth for heading up the Art team and keeping us consistent
richb, Eadwine Rose, chrispop99, skiddoo, entropyfoe, m_pav, tascoast, Gaer Boy, vamsi, and all the other beta testers and commenters 
peregrine for keeping our website operating
the package team (stevo, timkb4cp, and mmikeinsantarosa) for the crazy amount of packaging and repo management that has gone into this release (more to come, another great place to volunteer!)
stevo for being pretty much everywhere in this release, from themes, to packages, to behind the scenes update mechanisms and everything in between.  Not to mention being our representative on the Debian forums.

Our mirror operators (thanks antiX-Dave for coordinating the master rsync)
anticapitalista and BitJam for the antiX integration and build support

Not to mention all of our users!  Please enjoy MX-17!

Dolphin Oracle (on behalf of the MX Dev Team)

MX Linux