MX-19.2 KDE RC 1 available for testing

MX-19.2 KDE RC 1 available for testing

August 9, 2020

Release Candidate testing release

–direct download:

Xdelta files are provided for users of MX-19.2 KDE Beta 2. You can build a RC1 iso from a Beta 2 iso by downloading the B2-RC1.xdelta3 file to the directory with your Beta 2 iso and using the following command.

xdelta3 -d -s MX-19.2_KDE-beta2_x64.iso B2-RC1.xdelta3 MX-19.2_KDE-RC1_x64.iso

We are pleased to offer MX-19.2 KDE RC 1 for testing purposes.

MX-19.2 KDE is an Advanced Hardware Support (AHS) enabled 64-bit only version of MX featuring the KDE/plasma desktop. Applications utilizing Qt library frameworks are given a preference for inclusion on the iso.

This will be first officially supported MX/antiX family iso utilizing the KDE/plasma desktop since the halting of the predecessor MEPIS project in 2013.

MX-19.2 KDE includes the usual MX tools, antiX-live-usb-system, and snapshot technology that our users have come to expect from our standard flagship Xfce releases. Adding KDE/plasma to the existing Xfce/MX-fluxbox desktops will provide for a wider range user needs and wants.

KDE/plasma 5.14.5 (current Debian buster version)
GIMP 2.10.12
MESA 20.0.7 (AHS)
MX AHS firmware package
Debian (AHS) 5.6 kernel
Browser: Firefox 79
Video Player: VLC 3.0.11
Music Manager/Player: Clementine 1.3.1
Email client: Thunderbird 68.11
Office suite: LibreOffice 6.1.5 (plus security fixes) (debian-backports version available in MX-Packageinstaller->Popular Apps)

and more in the MX repositories.

Fixes since beta 2

Wireless connection settings “All users may connect to this network” enabled by default.
Updated Manual
Application menu alternatives will use MX icon by default
Updates to themes and KDE/plasma defaults
Fixes to updater icon right click menu appearing after an action is completed

Known issues with RC 1:

Some users with intel video chipsets may need to use “i915.invert_brightness=1” boot code as some machines apparently have brightness values backwards in the driver. There are live menu options for that code.

System clock settings are not adjustable via the KDE systemsettings unless the user is running systemd. Use the MX Date & Time application to adjust your system clock settings.

Updating to final from the RC is supported.

Please place any general feedback here: MX-19.2 KDE RC 1 Feedback thread

Any specific bugs can go to our Bug Manager at

If posting hardware issues, please post the output of “quick-system-info” from the menu or terminal, at a minimum.

If posting nvidia-installer issues, please post the contents of /var/log/ddm.log.

If posting remaster issues, please include the contents of /var/log/live/live-remaster.log

If posting installer issues, please include the contents of /var/log/minstall.log

If posting issues with MX-PackageInstaller “Popular Apps”, please post contents of /var/log/mxpi.log or /var/log/mxpi.log.old (whichever contains the log of your issue).

Thank you!

The MX Dev Team

9 thoughts on “MX-19.2 KDE RC 1 available for testing”

  1. Voy a esperar la versión definitiva ya que soy un usuario con escasos conocimientos.
    Sólo uso MX Linux 18.2 y funciona muy bien!
    Gracias por su gran trabajo!

  2. Tried to install. Freezes at “gathering information” stage. My machine is a 1st gen i5 with 8 mb ram and an Nvidia Gforce 240


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