MX-19 Beta 2.1 available for testing

MX-19 Beta 2.1 available for testing

Updated iso images

–direct download: … ing/MX-19/

We are pleased to offer MX-19 Beta 2.1 for testing purposes.

The latest updates from debian 10.1 (buster), antiX and MX repos.

Xfce 4.14

GIMP 2.10.12
MESA 18.3.6
updated firmware
Latest debian 4.19 kernel

Browser: Firefox 69
Video Player: VLC 3.0.8
Music Manager/Player: Clementine 1.3.1
Email client: Thunderbird 60.8.0
Office suite: LibreOffice 6.1.5 (plus security fixes)

apparmor 2.13.2

and more in the MX repositories.

–New and updated mx-apps

mx-installer (based on gazelle-installer) fixes pertaining to automount issues.
MX Date & Time, to make clock setting chores easier
formatusb, for formatting usb storage devices
mx-packageinstaller now displays version number for flatpak applications.
mx-alerts package for sending emergency messages to users.
mx-updater no longer requires a password to check for updates (still required for installation of updates)
new wallpaper artwork (mx19-artwork package)
updated themes
tons of misc. updates to the mx tools.
most help files are now available on the iso

-antiX live system changes

The latest antiX live system updates, included improved support for hyper-v and kvm.
improved support for frugal installations on ntfs devices
live system now boots with a informative text-based boot splash.

-Improved localization
almost all mx-apps received translation updates (we love translators)


sysVinit remains the default init system. systemd is available as a boot option on installed systems (but not on live systems). In other words, exactly the same as MX17/18.

Set your gtk scaling in Appearance, log out/log in and Qt apps should follow the scaling set.

New conky configs (conky-manager for selections)

Known issues with beta:

some users with intel video chipsets may need to use “i915.invert_brightness=1” boot code as some machines apparently have brightness values backwards in the driver.

The beta will receive updates over time through the repositories, but certain items, such as the live system and some user settings defaults, will not be obvious without some user intervention.

Please place any general feedback here: MX-19 Beta 2.1 Feedback thread

Any specific bugs can go to our Bug Manager at

If posting hardware issues, please post the output of “quick-system-info” from the menu or terminal, at a minimum.

If posting nvidia-installer issues, please post the contents of /var/log/ddm.log.

If posting remaster issues, please include the contents of /var/log/live/live-remaster.log

If posting installer issues, please include the contents of /var/log/minstall.log

If posting issues with MX-PackageInstaller “Popular Apps”, please post contents of /var/log/mxpi.log or /var/log/mxpi.log.old (whichever contains the log of your issue).

Thank you!

Dolphin Oracle (on behalf of the MX Dev Team)

36 thoughts on “MX-19 Beta 2.1 available for testing”

  1. I download today (08/09/2019) and i tested in dell inspiron 15 3000!All was perfect,no issue,the MX Linux is the power in the linux world!Great from Romania!

  2. I have a question; will the ISO work with UEFI laptops, that is, will we no longer have to disable secureboot, or do we still have to?

  3. Fantastic!
    Just installed but it seems to work like a charm on my eee-pc!
    Will continue to try and report.
    Thank’s a lot for making such a useful and reliable OS!

    / Thomas

  4. Will us receive the stable release update on this beta iso or will we need to download and do a clean install of the stable version iso?

  5. Muy bueno la version 18.3 no la pude instalar en mi pc, no se exactamente porque, pero al actualizar el firmware si he podido instalarlo. Va muy bien y eso que es una beta. esperando la estable

  6. So far so good. Tried the ISO customization feature – great idea. Saves time not having to go through a complete install using snapshots to customize the installer flash drive.

  7. this is a civil comment section, no distro wars, no racist agenda, no foul language. this says a lot about the calibre of people who use Linux.
    there is a video on youtube comparing mx 19 and manjaro 18. informative. can’t wait to get my hand on mx 19 final. tremendous dedication from mx team. hats off to dolphin oracle and his swim bodies 🙂

  8. i was a desperate distrohopper until i found mx18 ,and i don’t wanna use any other distros !
    can’t wait for the final mx19.
    just wanted to thank all the development team for this valuable project.

  9. I said somewhere else that it takes a really great distro to go from nowhere to No.1 on the pundits (more like the envious) suddenly find that position is not a valid index of the popularity of a distro, just of curiosity. Maybe. But I am sticking with MX-Linux because it is so, so easy to use.

  10. I used for many years Linux Mint (XFCE), but when they released Mint 19, I was very disapпointed, went to MX Linux 17, and I was impressed. In, I see MX Linux is number 1 for more than year. I’m very glad, but:

    In 19 Beta 1,the Power management icon in panel not show correct values, comparable with MX17. When laptop battery is even under 15%, visually the battery icon is like 50 % or more charged, it’s at 11% actually. The color is changed to Blue about 9% (or less). In MX17 (MX18 also) is change to blue about 20-25 % and in 9 % is with additional symbol (!), which is useful info. But I think the colour of icon must be in Red at 10% (more visible), it’s useful if work on laptop. Continuing do some work on battery mode under 10% is risky.

    In 19 Beta 2.1 in addition, is other bug- when moving the mouse to power manager Icon, even not show status of remaining % battery?
    I hope all these will be solved in final MX19 version and also to be possible soon in Linux to change 32 to 16 bit colours (in GUI), like in Windows. For normal daily work and Internet is enough. Working time of battery on laptop will be about 25-30 % longer in 16 bit colour. If need to watch and edit video, or edit pictures, of course 32 bit colour is better, but for these I would use desktop PC, not laptop.

    My favorite widget (.conky/MX-Asq/MX-GeekyTowerLogo)-gives perfect info for system: CPU, RAM, Disks space used, Network (LAN and Wireless) activity and usage. For me this is the best and I think all other widgets in conky manager are useless (at least for me).
    In MX17 everything is perfect, but in MX18 Network monitor (ETHERNET and WIRELESS), both shows the same activity, but note, only one of them is in in use!
    Now in MX19 Network monitor this is ok, but the line MEDIA, does not show information for used space of hard disk, or any attached usb devices like on (MX17, MX18)?

    FeatherPad (default text editor), doesn’t work well when you need create universal text file for Linux/Windows especially with Cyrilic letter. The old Mousepad text editor is much better with the option to change Line Ending to:
    -Unix (LF)
    -Mac (CR)
    -DOS / Windows (CR LF).
    I suggest Mouse pad (if not set as default), to be included somewhere in Package Installer if possible.

    Default background for MX19 (mountain_grass.jpg) even it’s replaced it with some other preffered background or with just solid colour background appears for 2-3 seconds when start or shutdown system. (same is with MX17 and MX18, but other background images). Is it possible to be removed this?, I would not like to see even for 1 second (the background that I personally not like for example)

    Weather Report Plugin (added to panel) at Night the icon shows the Sunny, during the Day the icon shows the Moon (night),? In MX17 there is no issue with this plugin it’s working perfect.

    Congrats! about Virtual Box (Version 6.0.12_Debian r132055)
    Now in 19 Beta 2.1 for the first time I found do not need to use command in terminal “sudo adduser (name) vboxusers” and then restart the system, to get USB devices work in Windows virtual machine.

    Hope the final MX19 will be as much as possible cleared of bugs and stable.

    Tested on Lenovo Thinkpad X230 with 8GB RAM. Still not tested on other 3 different PC I have with MX17 installed.

  11. Wish I could leave the contents of /var/log/ddm.log. for the nvidia-installer issue I had, but in each case, once the nvidia drivers were installed and the system rebooted, I couldn’t get past the log in window. The password I tried to type in appeared in another part of the screen in open text.

  12. It’s. So. Good!!!

    Running on my old Thinkpad T420. Everything is so gorgeous and snappy!! & the tools… I usually do everything via terminal but the built-in GUI tools that come with MX are just incredible! I can’t say enough good things about this release!

    My only minor gripe (there’s always one) is I wish there were a built-in way to backport the TOR browser. Maybe an idea for a future tool? ;3

  13. Been a very impressed user since MX15. It just keeps getting better!

    Small problem – “Suspend” is not working in MX19beta – goes through the motions, closes the display down, but shortly gives a lurch and returns to the login screen ready for a new session about 6 hours before I am. No such problem in eg MX18.3

    Suggestion: include balenaEtcher on Package Installer for flashing SD cards, USB drives etc – very nice.

    Roll on MX19 final!

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  15. 1 desktop dual booted win7/mx18.3
    1 desktop mx18.3
    1 laptop dual booted mx18.3/mx19beta2.1
    1 laptop mx18.3 32bit
    Only problem so far on mx19beta2.1 unable to access any of my 3 iPads or 2 iPhones! Using “idevice” but no problem on any of my mx18.3
    mx Linux is the perfect replacement for windows 7 users who like myself have been informed by Microsoft “You have to upgrade to windows 10! If your computer cannot run win10 then you had better buy a new computer that can run win10”
    MX Linux can overcome the arrogance of Microsoft by replacing for free Windows 7 or Windows 10 giving you a faster and less bloated computer.
    Thanks to the MX/Antix teams

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  17. Loving MX19 so far. I see swappiness is reasonably set to 15. With 8 gigs of RAM, even pushing it down to 1, I still show swap activity after a period of time (without loading much at all). Seems the swappiness setting is getting ignored?

  18. “Only problem so far on mx19beta2.1 unable to access any of my 3 iPads or 2 iPhones! Using “idevice” but no problem on any of my mx18.3”

    idevice-mounter should work again in MX-19 after the next update which will include a fix to usbmuxd.


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