MX-21.1 respin “Workbench” released

The Community Respin “Workbench” from MX Dev Adrian has been updated and upgraded for MX-21.1. Not meant for installation*, this extremely handy toolset is meant to be a kind of “Swiss Army knife” for sysadmins and others who want to have a highly customizable Live CD/DVD that is able to run different recovery and admin tasks.

* Installer was removed on purpose: sudo is set up without a password so it’s not safe to be used on an installed system.

In addition to basic maintenance changes, Workbench 21.1 adds some 50 new tools such as ecryptfs-utils, fstransform, hwdata, keepassxc, lshw, scalpel, sysstat and xtsd.


27 thoughts on “MX-21.1 respin “Workbench” released”

    • Hi Andy and Co,

      Your MX is certainly a huge contender for the best Debian Linux for a Daily OS. I simply love MX. I am a huge Debian Fan, I find it intuitive and just flows with my fingers and mind.

      Excellent great Job, was wondering if the MX-USB Maker can be upgraded to install multiple iso of different flavour. Also while running lynis on the vanilla MX the hardening percentage is 62% , any scope to increase this and also I think the fundamental need for privacy, for defeating this perpetual need to track us, follow us, end user exploit business model needs to be trashed with better stronger privacy as a fundamental system level requirement.

      And finally, the days of Client -Server are numbered, the drive is for us to mimic nature and work more in Peer2Peer , Technology is democratized, we all have access to the computing power, so the need for more P2P OS and Applications is extreme.

      All in all I would like to congratulate you on the awesome success and great final OS MX. For the next releases some of the name suggestions are: Sakura , Daisy, Honeysuckle and jasmine

      Thanks much for your contribution to society



      • will allow you to upload any number of disc images to your flash drive and choose any disc image to boot up after choosing the flash drive as a boot device. better still, you’ll still be able to use the flash drive for regular file storage without any worry of negatively affecting the flash drive as a boot device.

      • I am happy to join the words of Califrim. I have been using MX for six years now. Convenient, reliable and user-friendly OS.

  1. I downloaded and am testing.
    But I would like to suggest a few things.
    The clock on the Desktop Must be customized by the user.
    Desktop icons can be arranged automatically.
    The distro is very good.
    Linux Mint has these features, which is why I don’t let go of it.

    • I completely agree… me too complained about the desktop clock. I wanted to remove it completely but I never got a feedback.
      As to Linux Mint (still is my favorite distro) the main different compared with MX is that with Mint I am in full control and I can do set things exactly as I want, with MX is a completely different matter….

      • Are you talking about the Conky clock on the desktop? It is fully customizable and there are many, many other widgets you can add or use instead of the clock. Check Conky Manager.

  2. Hi Team,
    its a great work like Parted Magic.

    Missing default installed tools in the Workbench:

    (including any plugins for edit scrips, soucecode etc. )

    openssh-server installed by default (for starting x11vnv per remote)

    (x11vnc -shared -forever -ultrafilexfer -rfbpot (your optioanal port) -passwd (your vncpassword)

    (best and fast vnc-server ,allows view the Userdesktop (not root-desktop only) comfotabele Filetransfer, full compatibele to UltraVNC ,etc.

    Can you create a BootMenu entry for “Run the Live-Media from RAM” (like Parted Magic? )

    • Thanks for feedback, I might add those in the next iteration. For the Boot from RAM there’s already an option, if you run legacy BIOS press F4 and select “toram” and in UEFI you can also go to advanced and select a similar option, you can even save this option so it runs all the time “toram” mode without having to select it each time.

      Also, it’s very easy to add mousepad, openssh-server, x11vnc and remaster (if you run from a read/write medium) or take a snapshot (with MX Snapshot). The original purpose of Workbench was to demonstrate the power of the snapshot system.

      • Danke für den Hinweis mit der RAM-Disi und dem Remater. Ich werde es mal Testen. Komfortabler wäre natürlich ein zusätzlicher Menüpunkt im Hauptmenü.

        Ich sehe in Workbench eine Alternative/Ersatz für Parted Magic, da Parted Magic
        als “halbfreies Produkt” offiziell nur gegen Bezahlung heruntergeladen werden kann.

      • some features dont work as in wildflower, like the Keyboard shortcut press the windows key to launch the Application Menu, this is imperative, I work without the mouse :), least mouse use, the Volume control, can Pipewire be installed too

        Good Job


      • ..also “vnstat” please, a tiny but indispensible monitor of how much data is being consumed.
        Use-Case: the host-machine has network-access ONLY VIA A METERED CONNECTION, a USB mobile-broadband dongle, so every (expensive) MiB matters from the get-go.
        Keep up the good work guys. Many Thanks. 🙂

        Oh, and please ditch Privacy-Rapist Google’s reCAPTCHA … we know better by now.
        If you must stop spam, at least use the less odious hCaptcha.

    • Bardzo słuszne uwagi w przedmiocie uruchomienia „Workbench”. Jeżeli instalacja wspaniałego MX-21.1 może być brawurowo sprawna to dobranie się do”Workbencza” potrafi zmęczyć. Zwracam uwagę, że MX nie jest przeznaczony wyłącznie dla informatyków, ale także dla osób, które zaczynają pracę z Linuksem. Nie należy więc zniechęcać tych drugich.
      Dodam, że używanie porad z forum nie zawsze bywa przydatne.
      W tym stanie rzeczy uzupełnienie Workbench-a byłoby bardzo pomocne i konieczne.

      • Cześć. Mam propozycję. Za każdym razem, gdy komunikujesz się z kimś, kto nie mówi w Twoim języku, a Ty nie mówisz w jego języku, jeśli chcesz, aby rzeczywiście odebrała i zrozumiała Twoją wiadomość, użyj aplikacji do tłumaczenia, aby przetłumaczyć Twoją wiadomość na ich język. Obowiązkiem nadawcy jest, aby jego wiadomość była zrozumiała, a niegrzeczne wymaganie od odbiorcy, aby zrobił wszystko, aby dowiedzieć się, co próbujesz powiedzieć.

  3. Czytam, że jest to zbiór narzędzi. Skopiowałem i przeniosłem jako ISO na USB. Jestem bardzo świeżym uzytkwnikiem MX-a i nie potrafię użyć tego narzędzia. Jak otworzyć ten zbiór abym mógł cieszyć się posiadaniem narządzi tak wychwalanych tu na blogu. Kto mi pomoże?

  4. Great many thanks for MX (everyday using) and this respin (Ventoy Flash Drive).

    But only this Workbench respin .iso can manage with of my parents’ old notebook’ videocard modes. So, what is the right way to install Workbench respin on HDD/SSD to boot it as usual MX Linux system? I can’t found any installer application in Live USB running.

    • It’s not meant for installation as I mentioned in the description. It’s inherently not secure if installed, sudo is set up to run without a password. The installer is removed on purpose.

      It’s weird if this works but not any regular MX-21.1 on which is based. I don’t think I added any driver if anything I removed some stuff. The only relevant stuff that I removed is plymouth-x11, maybe try with a MX-21.1 remove plymouth (remaster or take a snapshot) and try on the old netbook.

      • Nie uaktualnisz “warsztatu” bez hasła-instalator odrzuca za trzecim razem. Jakie hasło, gdzie go szukac-nie wiem.
        Przecież Linux w tym MX nie jest tylko dla “speców” informatyki posługujących sie obrzydliwym slangiem. Ja tez chce miec satysfakcje ze sprawnego intuicyjnego emixa. Pozdrawiam Twórcę i gratuluje mu tego MX-a.

  5. OK, I have downloaded SF’s verson of ‘Workbench’ twice and it appears to be regular MX Linux 21 – Not workbench … it even has the installer 😛 What am I missing?


  6. Hello everyone! I currently have windows 11 installed and i intend to make a dual boot of linux alongside MX linux on the ssd/hdd but i wonder whether the MX-21 supports UEFI secure boot or not ?


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