MX-21 “AHS” iso now available

November 22, 2021

MX-21 “AHS” (Advanced Hardware Support) iso is now available. The release features all the updates and goodness packaged up with the other MX-21 releases, but with a 5.14 kernel and updated mesa, xorg and vulkan drivers to produce a graphic stack more in line with newer hardware, along with a few recompiled applications that utilize the later kernel.

“AHS” by design is a little more on the edge, and not as tested as our primary releases, and the idea is that it will receive updates to the graphics stack over time, so for those that don’t need the newer open source graphics stack, there is little point is using AHS.

One known issue for older systems, particularly with intel-based graphics, is with suspend-to-ram, or at least resuming after suspend. If that feature is important to you and your PC can otherwise use the 5.10 kernel from the main releases, then sticking with the main releases or at least the 5.10 kernels is probably the way to go. (This is how the KDE/plasma release of MX-21 is set up right now).

64 bit AHS (Xfce) with 5.14 kernel sha256_checksum md5_checksum signature

Torrents here:

Keep in mind, users of the mainline MX releases can always enable the ahs repository (via mx-repo-manager) and do regular updates. You’ll keep your 5.10 kernel, but you’ll get the later mesa , xorg and vulkan drivers.

48 thoughts on “MX-21 “AHS” iso now available”

    • I usually suggest folks try the main releases first. AHS will have better support for the very newest AMD graphics hardware, but I don’t really know what’s in the that laptop. That said, run it live, it it works live, it should work installed.

  1. I am always astounded by the incredible work the MX team does! I started my linux life with Antix. I have now been with MX since MX17. I thank you all for your great work!

  2. I would like MX-Linux much more, if there was an upgrade path without the need of a fresh install. I’m still using MX-18, because there is none.

    • Hi Hans. When you go through all the bugs that an upgrade can bring, probably you’ll prefer a fresh install. You know, everything in life has its pros and cons but in general, it’s understood that great changes need some sort of sacrifice.

    • Hi Hans,
      What I usually do is create a script of applications to install on top of the out-of-the-box version. It’s in my install log document, so I can reuse it all the time.
      It has the format of:
      sudo apt-get –assume-yes update
      sudo apt-get –assume-yes upgrade
      sudo apt-get –assume-yes install keepassxc
      sudo apt-get –assume-yes install grsync
      sudo apt-get –assume-yes install torbrowser-launcher
      sudo apt-get –assume-yes install gimp
      sudo apt-get –assume-yes install audacity
      sudo apt-get –assume-yes install obs-studio
      sudo apt-get –assume-yes install ffmpeg
      sudo apt-get –assume-yes install exiftool
      sudo apt-get –assume-yes remove luckybackup
      sudo apt-get –assume-yes autoremove
      Fresh install shouldn’t take a lot of time. It took me maybe and hour and a half for the first laptop, and less than 30 minutes for laptop 2 and 3 (installed from snapshot.iso created after the first install).
      I think that is a fair investment every 18 to 24 months, given the excellent work that the MX team does to deliver a great (my favorite) Linux distro. They spend a lot more time than this 90 minutes!
      Good luck and all the best.

  3. Une petite remarque : le live 21 est moins conviviale au démarrage que la version 19.4. Je préférai le choix des paramètres de lancement avec la fonction de sauvegarde des préférences. Je possède un PC intel core i7 10TH GEN avec une NVidia 1650 et 16 Go de ram, je voudrais savoir si je dois installer la version avec le noyau 5.10 ou 5.14. Comme il me semble que la 21 AHS a encore de petits problèmes à corriger.
    Sinon… bon travail, j’aime.

  4. Thank you so much!
    Just one thing the 5.14 kernel just reached its end of life,
    do you gonna update it to 5.15?

    Thank you for you good work!

  5. Bonjour,
    Installé ce jour et BUG dans le gestionnaire de fenêtre, impossible de changer de thème xfwm il reste bloqué sur “mx-confort”. Le nouveau look xfce trop moderne et trop large. S.V.P, laissé les fenêtres redimensionnablent qui est une des forces de linux. Je trouve de plus en plus de fenêtre verrouillées où il faut jouer de souris pour déplacer les ascenseurs comme microsoft. Pour ma part je retourne à la version 19.4 qui est mieux.

  6. I think this is the best 32bits distro out there. Most based on other 64bits only distros leave tons of useful hardware ready for the trash, its WindowsXP is useless & insecure these days. With Linux & other free software we can reduce waste at least for a while.

  7. Previously I was running Windows 10 on my desktop OptiPlex 780 and using the internet from my mobile via Wi-Fi adapter.

    Then I installed Linux OS with dual boot, without virtual machine

    Now the problem is, the mobile is the same, the Wi-Fi adapter is the same, but when I run the window, the net runs and when I run Linux, the net does not work, so I am having a lot of trouble.

    I don’t know where the problem is, can you help me?

  8. I installed MX-21 KDE.
    Then I saw in the package installer that a 5.14.0-4mx AHS kernel is available. I installed it.
    Then I noticed in repo manager that the AHS repo is enabled. I guess that came with the new kernel.
    Did I muck up my system by putting 5.14 AHS kernel with KDE desktop?

  9. Okay, I now see that the AHS repo is enabled by default on the KDE version of MX-21. But is it wise to use the 5.14 AHS kernel with this version?

    • If the 5.14 works with your hard ware it doesn’t hurt to use it. some older machines will have suspend issues with the 5.14 kernel, but otherwise it should be OK.

  10. MX Linux 21 simply rocks !
    Now I think it is high time to move away from Sys-V style init ( /etc/init.d/ ) scripts and accept SystemD as the standard way to kickstart OS. By now SystemD is quite mature and most folks should be comfortable with it

    • Sharad, I absoutely disagree. SystemD is still a major pain in the neck & – IMO – a big waste of system resources. Moving MX Linux to it will simply destroy one of MX’s major USPs. If you really, truly, positively must have SystemD on your machine, you could always go with someting like Mint’s Xfce edition, which might just be able to mitigate some of SystemD’s ‘side effects’ aka design choices.

    • Just use any other Debian based distro or install systemd. One of the biggest selling points that pushed MX to be so popular is exactly the lack of systemd. You seem to fail to read the room lol

  11. Kernel 5.15 fixed the memory leak and it’s LTS, would be great to have a new iso shipped with it. Maybe when Mesa 22 is released?

  12. I have a lenovo thinkpad l512 i3core 380 from 2010. I dont use hibernate or sleep. Should i upgrade to avl mxe21 ash or stick with the version avlmxe21 xfce from18.06.2021?

  13. I’ve only been using MX for about 1 month. But dozens of years other linux distros. I’m impressed that on a new Asus ROG g513 g15 strix MX21 went in first try, no hangs. Took only 10 secs from power to desktop. Only thing I haven’t found in the repository is asusctl … fan control and temp monitoring apps are about all is missing. keep up the excellent work please.

  14. Im confused with following: can I use my regular MX 21.2 and to install kernel 5.15 ahs on it? This kernel works much better on my machine than signed 5.10. I’m not sure if 5.15 ahs will he security updating untill 2025 (as signed 5 debian 5.15) or not? Unfortunately no body could answer that question in Telegram channel or MX forum… Thanks.

      • Thank you. Yes I have used Kernel 15 from there but because more than 1 month no Kerenl security updates and I was wondering if I shall receive it or not. I don’t use enabled OZ repos just OZ Kenrnel. But the system works very well evan on lewer RAM useage than Debian signed 10.5… kernel.


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