MX-21 beta 2 now available for testing purposes

September 5, 2021

MX-21 beta 2 series iso images for testing
–direct downloads:

Xfce Desktop

32 bit Xfce with debian standard 5.10 kernel sha256_checksum md5_checksum signature

64 bit Xfce with debian standard 5.10 kernel sha256_checksum md5_checksum signature

KDE/Plasma Desktop

64 bit KDE/plasma with Debian standard 5.10 kernel sha256_checksum md5_checksum signature


32 bit Fluxbox with Debian standard 5.10 kernel sha256_checksum md5_checksum signature

64 bit Fluxbox with Debian standard 5.10 kernel sha256_checksum md5_checksum signature

MX-21 beta 2 is now available for testing. MX-21 is built from debian-bullseye and MX repositories.

Things that are new in MX-21:

New and updated applications.
New installer partition selection area, including some lvm support if lvm volume exists already
New UEFI live system boot menus. Now you can select your live boot options (persistence, etc…) from the boot menu and submenus rather than using the previous console menus.
Xfce 4.16, Plasma 5.20, fluxbox 1.3.7 with mx-fluxbox 3.0 configs
User password (sudo) for admin tasks by default. You can switch this in mx-tweak->Other tab.

Changes with beta 2:

All releases: updated installer and live system to latest versions. Some translation updates but most are still in progress. The live menus now include special features like rollback options for remasters gone wrong. In addition, we added the mesa vulkan drivers to the default package set. New “mx-comfort” themes are also in use. Better support for some realtek wifi parts. Debian security repo enabled by default.

Xfce isos: Updated Xfce packages to latest bug fix releases. Added thunar samba shares plugin (accessible via a folder’s properties dialog in thunar). Updated docklike plugin.

KDE/plasma iso: fix for dolphin file manager crash issues when “Save desktop changes” was utilized during install.

Fluxbox isos: updates to many of the mxfb-accessories scripts, improved localization, general configuration changes. Captions on by default on desktop, and additional pre-configured panel setups. removed gtk3-nocsd as debian’s package produced undesirable default results. the package is still install-able via your favorite package managers.

With this beta 2 release, we are particularly interested in testing the new UEFI live system boot menus as well as testing the installer. Virtualbox testing is welcome, but we are looking for edge cases on real hardware for the most part.

Known issues:

  • 32bit isos only : there is an error message when you boot the iso in virtualbox. also the virtualbox guest additions are not pre-installed on the 32 bit iso.
  • ***unintended issue>>> gtk3-nocsd is actually still installed on the Xfce and fluxbox isos. users are encouraged to remove that package to avoid strange interface issues in gtk based apps. These were supposed to be removed at build but they snuck back in. They will not be installed on final.

Feedback for testing should be via forum post:

MX-21_beta 2 feedback thread (Xfce)

MX-21_KDE_beta 2 feedback thread

MX-21_fluxbox_beta 2 feedback thread

Be sure to include proper system data, including the output of quick-system-info.
If posting nvidia-installer (ddm-mx) issues, please post the contents of /var/log/ddm.log.
If posting remaster issues, please include the contents of /var/log/live/live-remaster.log
If posting installer issues, please include the contents of /var/log/minstall.log
If posting issues with MX-PackageInstaller “Popular Apps”, please post contents of /var/log/mxpi.log or /var/log/mxpi.log.old (whichever contains the log of your issue).

Thank you!

Dolphin Oracle (on behalf of the MX Dev Team)

38 thoughts on “MX-21 beta 2 now available for testing purposes”

  1. Good morning and congratulations for beta 2.
    I have MX KDE, do I need to install beta 2 from scratch or with the updates that have arrived I already have beta 2?

  2. (forum won’t let me register) xfce x64
    apt-get update throws an error:
    E: List directory /var/lib/apt/lists/partial is missing. – Acquire (13: Permission denied)

    also, how do you change the gnome window tops into the old xfce ones

  3. So good, so smooth KDE beta 2 performs excellently! One caveat, firefox and brave browsers (I’m assuming this is true of all browsers) don’t play video (youtube and espn)

  4. Добавьте поддержку облачных сервисов из коробки, в том числе Яндекс диск

  5. Wann kommt MX-22 ?
    Ganz im ernst: Schiebt euch euren lächerlich blöden Müll in den Arsch.
    Ich brauche Updates für MX-15!
    KDE ist Bulllshit. Kernel 5.10 ist Bullshit. x64 ist Bullshit.

    FG und gute Besserung
    Janko Weber

  6. MX Linux is a very good linux distro, but i am facing Hindi Language (India) issue, Hindi fonts not working properly, Kindly resolve this issue in MX Linux 21

  7. Bitwarden flatpak does not work properly. Usually I start Bitwarden click on the icon, if I try to stop with mouse on windows close button (x), Bitwarden visual closes, but about ~Bitwarden processes stays in memory, before killing em all, Bitwarden don’t run. Same problem in beta 1 e 2

  8. Wann wird MX21 (final/stable) fertig sein?

    Wie kann man von MX19 – das auf nur einer Partition installiert ist – auf MX21 aktualisieren? Danke für Tricks/Links (möchte ungern alle Apps mit allen Einstellungen mühsam neu installieren) …

    Kann man auch die MX21 Beta(2) installieren und anschließend einfach auf die finale Version (über MX Installer)?

  9. I came to see about updating from Fluxbox beta 1 to Fluxbox beta 2 with the question whether having updated my machine I might already have beta 2 installed. I used your quick sytem info app. And there was the answer to my question! I guess that I am now on beta 2.
    Love your very useful and well-thought out MX apps and tools which I quickly discovered. Your team is doing a great job. Thank you.

  10. Hi,

    When is the expected release date for mx21?

    How can I update from MX19 (installed on one partition) without having to reinstall everything new? Is there a app / tools that can accomplish that?

    Can I install the MX21 beta and then later upgrade to the final version via MX PI?

    Thanx for your comments!

  11. ada programming do not in MX-19 repos.
    I suggest MX-21 should include them; Gnat-10, gant-gps, …….
    MX linux is good platform for programmers.


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