MX-21 “Wildflower” released!

MX-21 now available!

October 21, 2021

Updated iso images

–direct download:

Xfce Desktop

32 bit Xfce with debian standard 5.10 kernel sha256_checksum md5_checksum signature

64 bit Xfce with debian standard 5.10 kernel sha256_checksum md5_checksum signature

the Xfce based “ahs” edition will be available at a later date.

KDE/Plasma Desktop

64 bit KDE/plasma with Debian standard 5.10 kernel sha256_checksum md5_checksum signature


32 bit Fluxbox with Debian standard 5.10 kernel sha256_checksum md5_checksum signature

64 bit Fluxbox with Debian standard 5.10 kernel sha256_checksum md5_checksum signature

Mirrors will populate over time. Other download locations:

Torrents here:

We are pleased to offer MX-21 for your use.

Things that are new in MX-21:

Debian 11 “bullseye” base
New and updated applications.
New installer partition selection/management area, including some lvm support if lvm volume exists already and the ability to set existing data partitions to be mounted on install.
New UEFI live system boot menus. UEFI live users can now select your live boot options (persistence, etc…) from the boot menu and submenus rather than using the previous console menus.
Xfce 4.16, Plasma 5.20, fluxbox 1.3.7 with mx-fluxbox 3.0 configs
User password (sudo) for admin tasks by default. You can switch this in mx-tweak->Other tab.
MX-Tour showing an overview of each desktop environment
Translation updates!
MX-Comfort default theming, including dark variants and “thick border” Xfwm variants.
Mesa vulkan drivers are installed by default
Better realtek wifi support
A ton of customization and custom scripts in MX-Fluxbox

-antiX live system changes

UEFI Live boot menus
Extra “rollback” boot option now exposed in menus
The live system will likely not boot on systems with secure boot enabled (at least for now…)

Thank you to all the contributors, supporters, and enthusiasts. MX-21 is for you.

Special thanks to:

To all the beta testers, we can’t name you all, but thank you, thank you, thank you!
To the Fluxbox users in the forum that contributed to the new Fluxbox configurations, but especially PPC, ceeslans, kobaian, Girafenaine and Melber.
Forum guides JayM and Huckleberry, for reaching out to nearly every user on the MX forums.
To ak-47 for the impressive work on the installer’s extended features.
To stevo, timkb4cp, mmikeinsantarosa, and SwampRabbit for all the work on the repos and package porting.
To asqwerth and the art team for the new MX-Comfort theme family and the fantastic art contributions from some amazing artists that contributed the artwork for this release.(attributions found here).
To fehlix for the fine work on the antiX live system, and troubleshooting pretty much everywhere else in the MX ecosystem.
To Dave Keogh for the work on the Xfce docklike plugin.
To knelsonmeiseter for the help with systemd-shim.
To the Forum Moderator team of richb, Eadwine Rose, Utopia, and chrispop99 for keeping things from getting too hot, especially during beta test.
To peregrine for all the work on the website, blog, and help files.
To Jerry3904, for the documentation and fluxbox configs, and pretty much any other thankless job we can find.
To adrian & m_pav for taking on iso building duties for KDE/plasma and fluxbox release isos.
To anticapitilista, BitJam, and antiX-dave for the work on the antiX live system and antiX repos.
To ravrett, for keeping the translations coming!
and to the rest of the dev team, who put up with a lot to test things that never go public.


sysVinit remains the default init system. systemd is available as a boot option on installed systems (but not on live systems). In other words, exactly the same as MX19.

Known issues with MX 21 final:

Some users with intel video chipsets may need to use “i915.invert_brightness=1” boot code as some machines apparently have brightness values backwards in the driver. There are options in the various live boot menus for this.

The fluxbox Settings Manager may appear missing a column. This is addressed in an update that is already available.

Migration notes are at

Any specific bugs can go to our Bug Manager at

If posting hardware issues, please post the output of “quick-system-info” from the menu or terminal, at a minimum.

If posting nvidia-installer issues, please post the contents of /var/log/ddm.log.

If posting remaster issues, please include the contents of /var/log/live/live-remaster.log

If posting installer issues, please include the contents of /var/log/minstall.log

If posting issues with MX-PackageInstaller “Popular Apps”, please post contents of /var/log/mxpi.log or /var/log/mxpi.log.old (whichever contains the log of your issue).

Thank you!

Dolphin Oracle (on behalf of the MX Dev Team)

The team in no particular order: adrian, peregrine, richb, kmathern, timkb4cp, Jerry3904, m_pav, Stevo, Eadwine Rose, namida12, Utopia, asqwerth, dolphin_oracle, chrispop99, Gaer Boy, Bitjam, antiX-Dave, anticapitalista, mmikeinsantarosa, SwampRabbit, fehlix, Auro Kumar Sahoo, ravrett, Nite Coder, JayM, Huckleberry, and AK-47.

73 thoughts on “MX-21 “Wildflower” released!”

  1. Grazie per il duro lavoro che svolgete e per la grande passione che traspare da ogni bit di MX.

    Thanks for the hard work you do and the great passion that shines through every bit of MX.

  2. MX back with a bang!

    Just registered to say MX-19 is – now was – my favorite ‘out-of-the-box’ Live USB distro for quite a while. I used it on all sorts of hardware replacing Knoppix for me as the ‘swiss-army-knife’.

  3. Cool for retaining non-systemd. Ultimately users can cherry-pick what they want to use which is what debian should have allowed from the get go.

  4. Soooooooo Happy your team did it again. Played with several other distros to set up in our school. But always waiting when MX will be done because no one does what you do. When I help a school, church or friend leave windows I turn them to you – Linux is a house!. Now to customize an educational setup for our school. Thanks on behalf of the coding class at Chiang Rai International Christian School!

    • Took some time but the educational version is ready! If anyone is interested in seeing what I did for our school leave me a message and I will find a way to hook up (in about 3 days as I need to set up all our computers – wish i was savy enough to use the network to do this!)

      I could not get an install in a gpt so went back to old system. ubuntu gnome no prob and sparky 7 no prob in gpt. So its me thats got to be the problem. Teachers must always learn!

  5. Hi, My notebook Toshiba Qosmio G35. 4GB RAM and dual SSDs. 32BIT a machine. Nothing directly MX Linux setup. Cause live CD opening but cliking setup but no looking HDDs/SSDs. I idea other a machine 32 BIT MX Linux setup SSD to this direct Toshiba Qosmio G35 built, working?/opening? or Linux SATA drives built inside this MX Linux Isos?

    I think great good distro you are but control panel please left vertical not coming.
    please wery very very wallpapers add.
    Conky Toggles please Helvetica, FreeSans or ThinkPad font Swiss 721, 921 coming.
    Thank you, congralations, good job.

  6. Thank you all for this new version !!! Long live MX 21. Thanks again to the designers, developers and testers. And also thanks to Debian.

  7. Fantastic! I use MX Linux since release 17 and love this distro. Therefore I have been looking forward to this release. Great work – many thanks & congratulations to the whole team and all supporters.

  8. Muchas gracias, es maravilloso todo el trabajo que han hecho con esta distribución de alta calidad y estabilidad… mil mil mil gracias.

  9. Congratulations to all MX Team and also to all MX enthusiasts 🙂

    @Dolphin Oracle : Thank you, too for counting our names (at least on my behalf) in “MX Team” , though we’re not developers or code-writers . Great honor for me.

    Kind of you .

  10. So laughable that people are still recommending Umbongo to Linux newbies when MX is head and shoulders above it in every way. Well done all at MX Linux, you’ve made my job of introducing new people to Linux so much easier ;o)

  11. Hi, first of all, Wow it looks great! Congratulations!
    Buuut… I run MX21 on a Samsung R700. All works fine except Firefox, which is freezing the whole system by startup. I hope u can fix this, cause without Firefox I’m lost.

  12. MX 21 KDE:

    tried to install MX 21 in UEFI mode (with secure boot disabled)
    – EFI 1GB partition
    – /boot 1GB EXT4 partition
    – / BTRFS encrypted
    – swap 8GB encrypted

    Installer fails to create /boot partiton
    I used exclusively installer to create partitions (NEVER launched KDE partition manager)

    Also installer predefined ‘encrypted template’ which uses 256 MB EFI disk & 512MB /boot
    fails to create /boot too.

    Installer worked better in MX 21 RC1 -> it didn’t had any error in creating encrypted disks

    • I would be interested in seeing the /var/log/minstall.log file. you can post that in the forum.

      also, MX does not work with secure boot. RC1 did not, and final does not either. somewhere you’ve gotten confused on that point. we do not have a signed boot loader, so secure boot is impossible.

  13. grazie dall’italia, ci vorrebbero piu distro con scelta del sistema init im modo predefinitoo comunque facilmente modificabile.

  14. Just bought (arrived yesterday) a Ryzen 7 machine… waiting for the AHS version!!! Can I install the 64 and then upgrade to AHS, or better to wait?

    • iggy if you mean that once in mxlinux you cant open any rar, try installing p7zip-rar or unrar-nonfree using the package manager or apt. See the mx manual.

  15. Just installed MX21 Xfce on my main production machine today! I’ve thoroughly tested everything I can think of and so far so good! Only two more machines to install MX21 on and then I’ll be set. The installation process was smooth and reconfiguring everything the way I want it was a breeze as usual! I’m so grateful this distro exists! Kudos to the devs and the whole MX team! Well done!

  16. Good job! getting rid of systemd and pulseaudio whenever I get the chance. They never just work like the rest of linux *once properly configured*.

  17. It’s not possible. You have to do a fresh install, you could have very bad surprises if you tried to update changing your sourcelist to the bullseye one. Backup your datas and go !

  18. Minor niggle. I installed the KDE version on an older laptop (2012 Acer).

    The wifi connection remembers my password ok, but I must manually reconnect after logging in.

    I might download and try XFCE to see if it behaves the same..

    • I also noticed the annoying bug. But even more annoying is that if you try to type in the password, the name of the network can change to the name of the neighbor’s Wi-Fi.

  19. A friend wrote that after the first updates, the sound and even the volume settings disappeared, there is no icon in the tray, and even in the widgets there is no.

  20. Suuuupper! Bisher keine Probleme/Bugs gehabt! Great Job, Folks!!! Tolle Arbeit – vielen Dank und herzliche Gratulation an das gesamte Team und alle Unterstützer.

  21. MX 21 is great again ! but MX 21 cannot boot UEFI normally from my PC , it shows cannot found antiX boot device, and MX 19 always boot UEFI OK. I only change my Bios , disable UEFI boot method and install MX 21 on my PC, and boot MX 21 from grub rescue mode, and fix UEFI menu with grub-install command. miss MX 19 ahs… Welcome wild flower MX 21, Thanks all your best!

  22. Better and better, this distribution is incomparable with the others. The new mx-comfort-dark theme is really awesome and very comfortable on the eyes.
    Thank you to all the development group and good luck for the future!

  23. It certainly is _possible_ :), see here:

    I personally went this route (the directions on the “without reinstalling” wiki page), on a very very custom system, i.e. a personal private respin for audio purposes, built on MX19. Now everything works 100%, after sorting out a few collisions manually. Your mileage may vary, naturally, and this is not recommended if you are not familiar with Linux and troubleshooting dependencies and configuration files on a semi-working system. But still, it’s evidently very possible.

    In other words, even after some manual work needed, in this case it was dramatically more convenient to do it this way than building it all from ground up on default MX21, heh.

    • Eh, I messed up with the captcha [facepalm] and the reply function was reset 😛 .. Sorry. This was intended as a reply to Monsieurzik saying upgrade from 19.4 to 21 isn’t possible.

  24. Is there any bug in Chrome OR Chromium based browsers? I think its MXLinux 21. I tried Brave and Chrome, and both are cutting off from the top when I resize and then maximize the window. Does anyone have a workaround to fix this?

    • Thanks for replying to my message! But the response is bit late. I am already switched to LMDE (as its also pure Debian based). You are right it’s the issue with Chrome and Chromium based browsers, specifically on XFCE. I do like MXLinux but there’s too much bloatware preinstalled. I also tried MXLinux KDE and its really impressive. If MXLinux can offer an official minimal ISO; no other distro could be even close to it.

  25. Installed on a 2015 Mac. Works like a charm. Running 3 computers in my household. After Steam release, will be running four I bet.

  26. I’m writing this comment on my MX-18 Continuum XPS laptop that I’ve been using for two and a half years almost every day without any issue. I am so happy with everything about MX. Design, performance, stability. I also have MX-19 on my home server.

    Thank you. So much. For your work. It is extremely appreciated.


  27. The xfce MX-21 has no audio after unlocking the locked screen. The already launched firefox and VLC have no audio. In Clementine, the following error is observed “pa_stream_writable_size() failed: Connection terminated”. The audio is working fine when the screen is locked but no audio after entering password to unlock the screen.

  28. This is so awesome!
    New to Linux, tried different distros with 5.14 kernel, of which none got my soundcard working (AE-5 Plus).
    Support for my soundcard was implemented in 5.11 kernel.But it just WORKS on MX Linux even though it uses 5.10 kernel. (used alsamixer to change to headphones instead of speaker)

    Big shoutout and I love MX Linux so far. It looks awesome and the MX package installer is also awesome!

  29. Hi, i have been waiting for a really usable Linux and my waiting is over since release of your great and most user friendly version ever!
    Many thanks

  30. Pour moi, retour à MX 19

    Thunar impossible à faire fonctionner correctement, peut-être pas supporté par mon matériel âgé et impossible de garder la version précédente. même bloquée dans synaptic, la version se met à jour quand même !

    Dommage mais impossible de vraiment travailler avec ce Thunar-là qui ferme brutalement mes fenêtres me faisant perdre le travail en cours. (même souci déjà avec le live) et impossible de configurer correctement un autre gestionnaire de fichiers.

  31. I thought id go to the source of all these distros and try debian. I spent untold hours getting dropbox, nvidia drivers, permissions corrected, my database connected to envelopes, printing, etc., working. It was a battle the whole way and I finally gave up when I saw the system slow down, graphics got finicky, and still unable to get the fuzzy icons in libre to go away. I instead installed mx and got nvidia working, /home setup, envelopes to database, printing, dropbox linked, codecs installed, chrome installed, dictionaries, and all my favorite apps in about a half hr. Im very impressed…Thanks MX team.

  32. MX 21 KDE was an ecstasy experience. you actually managed to out do ur flagship xfce.
    KDE was unbelievably fast in my 7 yr old , core i3, 4gb ram laptop. much faster than MX 19.4 xfce
    i opened multiple tabs , word processor, file manager.. all at a time and man.. i was floored. no lag whatsoever. Dedoimedo was right after all. A splendid rendition.


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