MX-Fluxbox 2.0 ready for testing

After a lot of hard work by the MX Devs and Community members, MX-Fluxbox 2.0 is ready for beta testing. The list of contributors is too long for me to spell out this early in the morning, but I am very grateful for the fantastic support the project has enjoyed.

URL: … sp=sharing

md5sum: 236376ce1cb34c7b028ce6a6506c7113 4712752 mx-fluxbox_20.0mx19+1.tar.xz

Once that has installed, then use the command line to move files into Home:

sudo /usr/bin/

An existing fluxbox folder will be backed up to ~/.fluxbox_BAK

There are some great new and revised features:

–Two major new tools: mx-idesktool and wmalauncher. Both are covered in MX-Fluxbox Documentation (= ~/.fluxbox/doc/mxfl-docs.pdf) which can be easily accessed by pressing F1 or clicking the icon in the left corner.

Revised and updated from a 2004 script and converted to a gui, mx-idesktool makes it easy to create and manage iDesk icons. And they now can be dragged anywhere on the desktop, something that had been broken up until now. wmalauncher is a relatively new (2018) command-line app with great power to create launchers in the fluxbox “slit” and many options that I have barely begun to explore.

–An optional legacy toolbar setup, along with a return, available with one click off the menu (Look > Toolbar > Legacy). This allows new users, especially those coming from a legacy OS, to switch easily to a format with which they may be more familiar (and “as God intended,” a MX user once said).

–Pre-made docks available with a single click off the menu (Look > Docks and launchers). Also a very easy dock template that enables users to set up exactly what they want.


–Greatly expanded (11pp) documentation covering fluxbox, iDesk and wmalauncher.

Known Issues
–legacy toolbar consists of a large menu icon in the left corner adjoining the toolbar at 97% screen width coming from the right end. Depending on resolution there can be a slight gap or a slight overlap, adjusted by making the toolbar 1% longer or shorter. I wish I could eliminate that but don’t see a way to *glue* them together.

–mx-updater tends to disappear now and then, and I can’t figure out how to prevent that.

Testing suggestions
–MX-Fluxbox is now under a feature freeze, so this is therefore not the moment for suggestions about things to add. I have already received excellent ones, and there are many already in the MX-Fluxbox Tips & Tricks thread.

–Please take a close look at the two big tools as well as the documentation covering them.

–Check out the pre-made docks, and try to make one of your own if you have the time and interest to test directions and functionality.

Deadline: we have 5 days or so before we need to begin to pull together the final version. Please post feedback in the Forum testing thread.

Thanks in advance for help.

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