MX-Fluxbox 2.0 settings now available

We are pleased to announce MX-Fluxbox 2.0, a project by Devs and the Community that unites the speed, low resource use and elegance of fluxbox with the toolset from MX Linux. After installation, access is simple by selecting fluxbox from the Session chooser above the login box.

As with the first MX-Fluxbox release, the easiest way to install mx-fluxbox on an existing system is through the MX-PackageInstaller ->Popular apps entry. You will be prompted at the end of the install to copy some configuration files into the home folder. If you have existing .idesktop and .fluxbox folders, these will be backed up under ~/.restore/fluxbox.

Existing users will see mx-fluxbox come down through the regular updates, although if users want the new configurations they will need to run the script manually.

And even easier for new downloaders of MX-19.1, MX-Fluxbox 2.0 is included on the MX-19.1 isos out of the box.

Features include:
• complete integration with the underlying system, with single-click access to MX Tools and full Xfce4 menu
• extension of graphical hardware support by virtue of the low resources required
• desktop icon support from iDesk which has been updated and corrected as necessary
• iDesk management with the graphical app mx-idesktool, which revives and expands an older script
• creation of docks and launchers powered by wmalauncher, with an accompanying management tool in development for release in the near future
• GTK 2 theme support (lxappearance)
• default wallpaper by antechdesigns, enhanced by the use of Moka icons
• one-click switch to legacy toolbar, and back
• selection of GKrellM monitors

So if you are looking for something different, give fluxbox (thru mx-fluxbox) a try.

10 thoughts on “MX-Fluxbox 2.0 settings now available”

  1. Amazing, I’m going to test right now and hopefully succeeded will use it as infrastructure for virtualization….
    Thank you so much

      • I too would like to find out how to get the fluxbox 2.0 without having to reload MX to 19.1. I’m finding fluxbox on MX exceptional, with my main problem trying to operate on a 4K monitor without microscopic text. While I can get word processors and so forth adjusted, it’s hiDpi problems on most windows and browsers the problem – hoping MX fluxbox 2.0 gives an adjustment for 4K monitors! I can’t tell you how much I love this product (MX fluxbox), so please inform how to load fluxbox 2.0 onto my existing MX19 and MX18.3 machines – couldn’t find on package installer, but understand that if I completely reload MX to 19.1 I’ll get it that way- but don’t want to go that route. This fluxbox makes a huge difference on SPEED that I did not anticipate as well.

        • Did you use the search box where if you just start typing flux box it pops up?!

          MX Package Installer > Popular applications > Window Managers

          • Yeah, that’s very first thing I did. Comes out grayed out, indicating it’s the 1.0 version stuff. I like this fluxbox setup greatly and want to take these 2.0 developments for a spin…

  2. @martin: you could try changing repos, but this should work:

    sudo apt install mx-fluxbox

    then open a terminal and enter

  3. Yes I agree, I have tried MANY Linux distro’s over the past 10 years but the MX Fluxbox is a gem!

    It will run google-chrome perfectly, PIA vpn and bluetooth with conky via a script – this runs very fast from a 64gb Sandisk Ultra USB 3.1 off my HP Pavilion notebook.


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