MX-Fluxbox 2.1 apps and settings released

The MX Linux Devs and Community are happy to announce the release of MX-Fluxbox 2.1, a point release and significant upgrade for this fully integrated overlay to MX Linux. Besides incorporating bug fixes and package updates from the last three months, this release brings new apps and revised settings to create a tighter and more versatile desktop experience with a highly user-friendly effect.

These changes are evident already from a glance at the default desktop, whose gorgeous background was created by antechdesign.

MX-Fluxbox 2.1 default desktop


MX-Fluxbox is not a free-standing OS but accompanies MX-Linux. Installation of the new settings is a two-step process: automatic to the system, then manual to the individual home directory via the menu entry “MX-Fluxbox.Upgraded apps will be installed through the standard procedure along with the branded backgrounds.

What if the user has configured personalized settings already? Current MX-Fluxbox users can install the new release into home and try it out without harming the current setup: existing components (fluxbox and idesktop folders, ideskrc) will be dated and backed up in ~/.restore/fluxbox. The existing components can then be easily restored by removing or renaming (for instance: fluxbox-2.1, etc.) the new versions, then returning the previous ones to their original position and names.


Two apps, the “Power Tools,” are now available: mx-idesktool and mx-dockmaker. MX Idesktool facilitates executing iDesk functions, the app that provides icons on the fluxbox desktop. The tool now has been expanded and rewritten to make it more powerful and more intuitive. MX Dockmaker is new with this release, and provides a convenient method for creating and managing docks in a fluxbox environment. Details on these tools can be found in the respective Help files in the MX/antiX Wiki.

mx-idesktool and mx-dockmaker


In addition to various minor bug fixes, a number of significant changes have been made to the default settings:

  • A set of branded wallpapers has been created; they are located in /usr/share/backgrounds and carry the prefix “mxfb-” for easy identification.
  • The “root” menu (= right-click desktop) has been simplified and reduced, now taking full advantage of easy access to the Xfce menu. It has three divisions: common apps, fluxbox configuration and session actions.
  • The toolbar has been simplified and reorganized for greater familiarity to new users.
  • Revised documentation exists in 10 languages, with the recent addition of Japanese.
  • A large dock is now on the desktop by default for user convenience. It can be toggled off or completely removed, both in Menu > Out of sight.
  • A number of handy toggles have been added: dock, conky, toolbar, monitor and desktop icons.
  • A code rewrite now enables the use of Conky Manager 2 without interference between Xfce and fluxbox desktops.


–Thread for questions, comments and discussion


–Dedicated MX-Fluxbox forum:


  • General MX-Fluxbox Help document accessible with Menu, DefaultDock, F1 key or desktop icon.
  • Detailed Help documents for mx-dockmaker and mx-idesktool

–Videos (>> MX-Fluxbox Channel)

  • Not your mama’s fluxbox: MX-Fluxbox 2.1
  • MX-Fluxbox: the Power Tools
  • MX-Fluxbox 101: getting into it

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