MX-Fluxbox Raspberry Pi “Ragout” now Final

This Community Respin provides a stable, fast and fun OS for use with Raspberry Pi® 3 and later devices. It unites the user-centered goodness of MX Linux with the educational flexibility of Raspberry Pi OS, implementing the light-weight and elegant desktop environment of MX’s unique implementation of Fluxbox and including elements from GNOME, Xfce and LXDE—a mix that creates a tasty ragout stew.

  • Final (21.02.20) released. Folder contains two means of obtaining Final:
    • Download the compressed full image and extract it
    • Apply the patch to the original MXFBPi_B2.img (see file on how to apply):

Major default apps

Installation, Orientation, Software management, Support


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  1. This sure appears to be a great contribution for us Raspberry Pi users. I enjoyed the beta, but when I downloaded the final edition, I was stopped at the login screen. Password “raspberry” was not accepted. I’m sure I must be missing something basic. I am using a Pi4B with upgraded firmware. I installed the final edition to a 1 terabyte USB stick, and installation was normal with Imager. I checked with the Md5sum checksum(s)- before and after extraction. The password seems to be the problem.

    • Nope, it’s raspberry–as it was for the Beta. With a thousand downloads now, you’re the only one reporting trouble, so check your CapsLock.

      • If you from germany, type “raspberrz”. Y and Z are swapped on US-Keyboard.
        After Login use raspi-config (the raspberry icon in line row on the left side) and change your language und keyboard to german.

  2. I ‘ll keep trying. It will something simple like that. Tried it previously with caps lock off and on. I do thank you for the quick answer.

  3. Much appreciated for all your great work. Having said this, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t require the end user to apply any patches to the downloaded images. Isn’t there enough disk space such that no patching is necessary? No offense, but disk space isn’t all that expensive these days.

  4. Hello !
    I have the problem (Final ROM) that after every reboot or start..relogg etc. the refresh rate is set to 50Hz on my TV. The autostart entries seem to be ignored (xrandr..). In the beta this was not the case. Apparently a newer version of “Fluxbox” is integrated in the final. Can I manually solve the problem ?

  5. Awesome! Just one small recommendation, maybe it’s better to include mpv player by default instead of VLC. It’s lighter and generally runs better on weak hardware.

    • Thanks. We had no problems with VLC during development testing on Pi 4/400, but I take that into consideration for the next version.

  6. Firstly, how to run this MX Fluxbox edition on QEMU virtual machine? Any documentation will be highly appreciated. Secondly, congratulations for the release!

  7. Hi Jerry, Hi everyone,

    First of all, thank you and the MX Linux community very much for the very valuable work you put into Respin. 🙂

    As a linux noob, I hope you will not mind my asking the following question: would you please confirm if Respin does implement systemd-shim and does disable systemd by default?

    Thank you, in advance, for your attention and reply.

  8. Very nice, always good have this OS choice in rasps… but only two things …

    if MX Linux is represented : 1- 64bit? 2- FLUXBOX?

    I have my choices and make all the changes needed for another window manager

    but some usere dont know how to do(TIME IS MONEY)…

  9. Hi, can I install docker or lxce in this respin? I have classic raspbian with pi-hole, but wanted to add few things like searx instance.

  10. I’m loving this, but I’m having one small insignificant problem, I can’t seem to get the idevice to connect to an iphone 8. Is it possible that the iphone is just too old, or is there something else I can do ?

  11. I found removing PaleHorse and installing Vivaldi improved and speeded up Browser performance. YouTube Video also played smoothly, not so with PaleHorse.

  12. Hello,

    I’ve just discover MxLinux lately and now I can try on my Raspberry Pi 4 8gb. I don’t like the look and feel of Flubox so I install Xfce via tasksel and now I can have MX running on Xfce as on the normal desktop. I will share more of my experiences later.

    Thank for the great work.

  13. Hi,
    First things first: I am 67 yrs old and have been using MX since version 17. Very happy with it.
    (2) Recently came across info about Raspberry Pi 4 and also your respin MXFBPI.
    (3) Have ordered for the R-Pi 4, still to receive it. So i thought of installing the respin on an external HDD just for testing it.
    (4) Been doing everything usual for installing the respin thru different boot makers and also thru R-Pi imager downloaded and installed fresh. This does the work alright. But cannot boot from the hdd. System bios recognises it alright. Have used the same disk earlier by installing another distro which worked without any issue. I don’t know if what i am trying is feasible or i am doing something wrong or missing some step. Grateful for your help and thank you.

    • J’en ai 76 je fais joujou avec Linux depuis plus de 20 ans.
      J’ai des PC “Classiques” et de plus en plus de Raspberry pour diverses activités. (NAS, Centre Multimédia, Messagerie, services Cloud.
      Depuis la sortie du PI4 j’envisage de plus en plus de remplacer mes Intel par de l’Arm.

      Votre distribution est la première qui me permette d’avoir le même environnement sur toutes mes machines. Bravo

  14. Any version of the Raspberry Pi OS will only work on machines with an ARM CPU, and the Debian packages for it are completely different than the ones used in the other MX versions.

  15. Hello
    I am testing on a Raspberry PI4 B 4 Go (previously running Ubuntu Mate).
    Great job!
    I appreciate that all disks are now on GUID partition scheme and use UUID in the cmdline.txt which was not working with Ubuntu

    I have a little problem with the wifi : the country setting is lost after reboot and I have “Wifi disabled by rfkill” diagnostic (worked in Ubuntu)

    • You should have read at least the first few lines of the Blog… The Patch was only for people who had installed the Beta and wanted to upgrade.

  16. Got the image installed and running well on my Rpi 4. it is taking a little while to get used to Fluxbox, but not too much struggle. I need help on installing my Canon PIXMA E3300 multifunction printer/scanner. The printer installs easily and works ok. But cannot get the scanner to work at all. Gscan2pdf, GIMP, Simple-Scan, Libreoffice do not recognise the scanner at all. Had another install of Ubuntu Mate on RPI and there everything is ok. similarly on the Debian Bullseye version on Raspabian. Tried to copy the ppd file, but was not accepted. Also, unable to add a PPA “ppa:thierry-f/fork-michael-gruz” as not rpi compatible. Can anyone help / guide on this please. Else, may have to give up MX – which is excellent and i like it best among all distros.

    • Not until the Official Display touchscreen can be made to recognize right-click, which the two window managers need to have present.

  17. Hi,
    thanks for the great work.
    But let me report about what I found out when booting from the Sourceforge image MXFBPi_22.02.01.img.xz, 2022-02-02 (SHA1bd4afb129f25f8de7be4211e258dafe10a6b8f6b):
    The account “pi” has autologin enabled and the password is set to “pi” rather than “raspberry” as mentioned above. Not a big issue but I just want to mention it for those who struggle with login.

  18. I’ve been running Ragout on a RPi 3B+ for over a year and it works flawlessly. I left it plain-vanilla, no customizations other than changing the default terminal (when you click the black and white terminal launcher near the left end of the bottom taskbar) to xfce4-terminal. My Pi’s been running 24×7 the entire time except for a few weeks after a typhoon when we had no power, and occasional shutdowns to change equipment (I use the Pi with a software defined radio USB dongle, coax cable and antenna to receive ADS-B messages from aircraft and have sometimes needed to work on the radio setup.) It’s great to have a Raspbian installation that looks and feels like MX Fluxbox including the update notifier and components of the Xfce desktop environment like Thunar and Featherpad that I’m used to. Thanks, Jerry!


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