MX-Fluxbox releases new optional package

Not everything we develop ourselves or find useful in the work of past Fluxbox developers ends up in the released versions. Yet we would like to make such things available for interested users to try out, test and evaluate for possible inclusion in future versions. That is now possible with today’s release of the first mxfb-goodies, a set of scripts intended for optional use and testing.

The package can be installed in the usual fashion: search for it in Synaptic, or open a terminal and type: sudo apt install mxfb-goodies. There are no desktop files associated with these scripts so they will not appear in traditional menus. But rofi will show the contents when you press F2, click on the “run” tab and type mxfb

Then just highlight the one you are interested in and press Return/Enter.

This first release contains four items:

  • mxfb-tiles: a script that will install code into the keys file to enable tiling using easily remembered key strokes shown on the opening screen
  • mxfb-appearance: a convenient graphical form of the most commonly used functions from the MXFB menu
  • mxfb-recent-files: a clickable list of files that have been used in the last 30 days
  • mxfb-separate-backgrounds: a setup and management app for different wallpapers on each workspace

Check the MX-Fluxbox YouTube video for details.

So how would you use them?

  • Some you would probably only use them once. That might be the case for mxfb-tiles, for instance.
  • Others such as mxfb-recent-files might be for occasional use, and you might want to insert that into the desktop menu somewhere if you’re going to use it:
[exec] (Recent files) {mxfb-recent-files}
  • Something like mxfb-appearance might be best in the dock, the traditional toolbar or as a desktop icon.

REMEMBER: this is for testing. Feedback thread is here–enjoy!

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