MX-Linux_Raspberry Pi respin “Ragout2” released


Intro video:

Documentation: Ctrl+F1, or “?” icon on dock


It is a great pleasure to announce the release of MXRPi_220307 “Ragout2”, a personal respin with strong MX Dev support that unites Raspberry Pi with MX-Linux and offers two lightweight window managers: Fluxbox and Openbox.


  • 32 bit Debian 10 (Buster)
  • Full compatibility with Raspberry Pi
  • Major applications
    • Browser: Chromium
    • Email: <none installed by default>
    • Terminals: xfce4-terminal, xterm
    • Text editor: Featherpad
    • Media player: VLC
    • Music player: DeaDBeeF
    • File manager: Thunar
    • IDEs: Geany, Thonny
  • Convenient configuration dashboards
  • 20pp documentation available in 14 languages
  • Set of adaptions for use on Raspberry Pi’s Official Display: virtual keyboards, modified dock and panel for easy raising, right-click menu with long press, larger menu fonts, adjustable-width scroll bars, etc.

Changelog from Beta (MXRPi1_22.02.01)

  • replaced dhcpcd with Network Manager to stabilize wireless
  • localized Openbox menu and adopted new localization mechanism
  • removed Firefox, leaving Chromium as default browser
  • removed “Default session” from Session Manager list to avoid system failure
  • switched to slick-greeter in order to render the session manager more visible
  • backported a settings manager for slick-greeter
  • fixed MX Date & Time and installed NTP servers by switching to ntpsec
  • corrected Help videos desktop link, removing two other links
  • switched default window theme to mx-comfort-dark
  • fixed autohide toggles
  • eliminated xfce4-clipman xsession-errors
  • updated skel folder and corrected its links for new-user accounts
  • switched to native default dock to simplify management
  • fixed automatic screen inversion when using Official Display
  • added terminal emulator to default panel using xterm
  • revised and localized MXRPi2-Manual
  • cleaned out development files
  • installed latest upgrades


  • Installation, setup etc.: consult the MXRPi2 Beta Blog
  • Technical
    • RAM usage after login using default Tasks app: about 200 for both WMs after login, 350 after web browser (without additional extensions) has settled down
    • Tested compatible with Pi 3b (sluggish), 4 and 400
    • GPIO ports remain available to program through Scratch and Python
    • Camera port works
  • Revised localization mechanism
    • menu-mx.xml for openbox used for localization
    • localized menu based on existing menu.xml
    • located at /usr/share/mxfb-menu/openbox/menu-mx.xml
    • localized menus created on the fly during login


  • Special thanks to MX Dev fehlix for careful attention and creative contributions
  • Great appreciation to leepspvideo and commenters for a helpful review of the Beta:

v. 220307

10 thoughts on “MX-Linux_Raspberry Pi respin “Ragout2” released”

  1. Thanks for caring about stability, and your efforts in testing to find all those edge cases that you stabilized!! Your attention to those sorts of details makes you stand out. 🙂

  2. It looks interesting, but I’d like to understand, are you intending to upgrade from Buster to Bullseye?

    What mechanism do you have in place for kernel updates, as the stock RPi OS now uses 5.15.32 as a base kernel build?

    • There is no clean upgrade from Buster to Bullseye. We will consider a new Bullseye version once right-click can be enabled which is essential for the Fluxbox/Openbox WMs.

      It’s possible for the user to override the RPi OS default kernel with MX Package Installer, but we certainly would not recommend it since the RPi engineers track that well and with dedicated hardware the actual need is low.

  3. please provide us with tools for upgrade from debian 10 to debian 11 so we do not need to reinstall the os .thanks 🙂


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