MX Rofi Manager released

After six months of development and testing, MX Linux is very pleased to release its new tool for selecting, manipulating and modifying rofi and its themes: MX Rofi Manager.

Rofi is well known to its fans as a fast and convenient window switcher and app menu, with other functions (modi) available as well. But the general user is obligated to search far and wide to gain a decent grasp of function details, theme development and coding options.

The new app takes a number of steps to solve this problem:

  • Creates a Help tab with single-click access to existing and new guidance.
  • Provides easy viewing and adoption of official themes without a terminal.
  • Assembles a set of MX themes as well as a curated set of recent rofi themes from various developers. These themes can be altered in a graphic tool for position, size, font and (MX themes only) color.
  • Facilitates routine tasks of all types, including manual editing of theme files.

The result is a highly convenient resource center that users find useful and friendly.

Here are the tabs of the default config and theme (“MX-comfort”):

Development of this app was led by MX Dev Melber, with other Devs and users contributing throughout. Based on yad 0.40.0-1 and rofi 1.7.1-0.1, it has been tested on Xfce, KDE, Fluxbox and Openbox. The repo is located here:


  • Once the upload now in progress has completed for your repo, download and install the app: sudo apt install mx-rofi-manager in a terminal, or search to find it in Synaptic.
  • Launch from the menu MX-rofi-manager and agree on the opening screen to let certain files be imported to your home folder.
  • Check that it is working in a terminal: rofi -show drun. You should see the rofi screen pop up that shows tab “drun” with a list of the available apps (from /usr/share/applications/).
    • This list is alphabetical, but will be modified by your habits: the apps you launch more frequently will rise to the top of the list.
    • You often need only to type the first 2 or 3 letters of what you want to run. For instance, “wr” will show LibreOffice Writer highlighted and ready to launch with a return.
    • Be sure to click on the “help” tab to view your resources. For themes that do not have visible tabs, use Shift + Arrow or Alt + Tab to switch through them.
  • Launch MX-rofi-manager again and click on the buttons to explore the app.
  • Consider binding the command rofi -show drun to a convenient key for easy use (MX Fluxbox uses the Logo/”Windows” key by default). The exact method varies by system.


MX Linux