MX15 and MX16 are End of Life

MX15 and MX16 are now at End of Life and support for those versions is ceasing.

This coincides with the End of Life for Debian Jessie.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks, there will be updates to the apt-mx and mx-repo-list packages that will provide a “mxXX-archive.list” file with archived repository information. The MX and antiX repositories in other locations, including the main servers and the mirrors, may vanish at anytime. The archive repositories will remain, but they will no longer be updated.

No new packages will be built for MX15 or MX16.

If you are still using Debian Jessie, or MX15/16, then its time to update to a more current release.

Thank you for the support.

3 thoughts on “MX15 and MX16 are End of Life”

  1. Sorry, I was wrong, my version is already MX19.1.

    But it would be nice to always keep old versions for old PCs especially from AntixLinux


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