MX19 artwork – thanks and attribution

MX Apps – our new default icons

In MX19, the MX Tools suite of apps has been expanded, both in the scope and functionality of existing apps, as well as in the number of apps as new tools have been added.

Accordingly, a new set of MX app icons accompanies this release. Existing MX apps in MX17/18 will also receive the new icons in due course.

We wanted the new set of icons to look presentable across different icon themes (for those that did not have their own mx-related icons), not just with the default Papirus set. Not everyone uses Papirus, so we did not want too strict an adherence to the Papirus look. Neither did we want to hardcode the icon filepaths in MX Tools such that its icons do not change regardless of what other icon theme is applied by the user.

A fair number of the icons were created by MX forum member and former MEPIS art contributor, Ruud Kuin (Live USB Maker, User Manager, MX Conky, MX Tweak, Fix GPG Keys, Quick System Info, iDevice Mounter). Thanks, Ruud!

We are also grateful for Art Team member Auro Kumar Sahoo’s and Dev Team member AK-47’s contributions.

The rest of the icons were derived from the following sources:

  1. combinations of elements from icons in the Papirus and/or Surfn themes; or
  2. existing full Papirus icons.

Papirus icon theme is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.

Surfn icon theme is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License, Version 4.0.

In addition, red and green phone icons were offered by NoClue for gnome-ppp and pppoeconf, which are third-party applications.

MX Apps – Papirus’ own icons

The new icons debuted in the Betas of MX19, and then….we discovered that the Papirus developers had just linked many of the MX apps to existing icons of theirs, thus “creating” MX icons in their set!

On one hand, it was gratifying that the Papirus devs felt MX apps deserved some attention in their icon set. On the other hand, it meant that if we updated to the latest Papirus on github, we would lose our original work since their symlinks were mainly pointed at pre-existing Papirus icons. Our contributors’ work would be buried on the eve of the release of MX19, which would be a disappointment. Further, the Papirus icons chosen to represent the MX apps were by necessity more generic and thus might not fully express/describe the purpose of the MX apps in question.

Thankfully, when we reached out to the Papirus devs, they were very willing to work with us to rework their MX icons. For some icons, they accepted our versions in place of their own, and for the rest, they came up with icons very, very close to our own designs, but tweaked to reflect their own house style.

We are very grateful to them, and in particular, creepertron95, who patiently listened to our suggestions and made necessary changes.

Going forward, an eventual update of Papirus will bring in their versions of our icons, but their versions would still retain the ideas and concepts we came up with. There will therefore be some conformity between Papirus’ and our own icons for MX apps.

For users who use other icon themes, our MX icons will still be displayed if their theme does not have a corresponding icon.


Wallpaper Collection

We are grateful to the many MX users who contributed wallpaper submissions to be considered for MX19. We couldn’t choose all of them for the iso, even though there were many other nice ones. As it is, we had a bumper crop of wallpapers for the MX19 collection.

Much appreciation goes out to Auro and Ruud, who came up with the lion’s share of the wallpapers in the collection. Both contributed original graphic art as well as photographs, and Auro’s “Mountain Grass” was selected by the Dev Team to be the MX-19 default.

Thanks also to the following MX members for their work featured in the collection: ChrisUK, Tsuyoshi Nakamura (Freja), unionista, AnonymousAndy (Issa Beganovic), davemx (David and Sandra Spagnol), Robin Morgan, and mxmatrix.

A shoutout also goes to member JayM for suggesting some of the free-to-use wallpapers in the collection.

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