New conky configurations in latest updates (and a new conky-manager as well)

Recently MX team member fehlix undertook a project to update the conky configurations contained in the mx-conky-data package with a variety of fixes and enhancements. This includes improved handling of temperature, network, battery, and clock monitors, conversion to the newer lua conky syntax, and a some fixes that allow better operation without a compositor enabled (for use with fluxbox, for instance).

The new conky configurations come down thru updates and are stored in the /usr/share/mx-conky-data folder. You can copy those folders to your ~/.conky folder if you want to use them. Or you can delete the ~/.conky folder and run mx-conky and the new configs will be copied over for you.

In addition, fehlix also updated the conky-manager (actually conky-manager2) with a variety of enhancements, not the least of which is improved lua detection and configuration on a per-Desktop-Environment basis. So you can have one set of conky configurations on Xfce and another set on fluxbox or whatever Desktop Environment you happen to install. All the user has to do is use conky-manager as normal, the scripts are updated behind-the-scenes.

So if conky is your thing, then feel free to check them out.

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