New debian kernel available for MX 18 users

The latest debian kernel for buster (Linux mx 4.19.0-6-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.19.67) has been backported to our MX18-stretch repositories. For those that want to update (and there are some important security fixes), there is a new entry for the kernel in MX-PackageInstaller -> Kernels. The MXPI entry should install the kernel and headers, and rebuild any dkms driver packages (nvidia, virtualbox, broadcom, etc….).

3 thoughts on “New debian kernel available for MX 18 users”

  1. amo tecnologia e como tal nosso Linux e todos seus derivados ,onde cada um existe uma algo diferente ,mas na realidade todos tem grandes virtudes ,ou tecnologias de ponta ,muito obrigado,boas festas ,muita saude ,um bom ano

  2. When OH when will the kernel be updated to the 21st century such that MX can be installed on laptops with SSD drives. Not a question, just a frustrated comment :-(((


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