New version of the Users Manual released

It’s been chugging along for some 13 years, but the Users Manual is alive and well. An updated version has just been released, now a full 200 pages with the addition of KDE verbal and graphic support for the upcoming MX Linux – KDE. The Manual is installed with the OS, and is available online from the Forum by clicking a button. A handful of translations exist, and MX Linux welcomes volunteers to expand the available languages.

The Manual was first published by three Mepis users in 2007, then revised annually to keep up with changes. In 2015 it was reworked for MX Linux, and has continued to be revised ever since.

Users Manual, Section 3.2

Aimed at the beginning and intermediate user, it has eight sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Configuration
  4. Basic use
  5. Software management
  6. Advanced use
  7. Under the hood
  8. Glossary

Each section covers the topic at an intermediate level, making use of the antiX/MX Wiki and outside sources to fill in more detailed technical details.

Few users can be expected to read all 200 pages, of course—though it would probably reduce Forum traffic if they did! But quick access to its content is available in two ways. The first is to click on any entry of the detailed Table of Contents—available behind the title page or as a separate dock—to jump to the relevant section. The second is to invoke a search: Alt + F1 launches the Manual, Ctrl + F brings up the search box, and then the user simply enters an item and presses Return until the material being sought appears.

Corrections, changes and translating queries by email to manual AT mxlinux DOT org.

26 thoughts on “New version of the Users Manual released”

  1. The Spanish version is very outdated in content and images.
    A couple of years ago, together with Richard Holt, I made the necessary corrections so that the manual was all in Spanish and some images were changed but they never asked me again for help in updating.
    I continue to help with the necessary translations into Spanish through Transiflex.

  2. Здорово!
    Спасибо за то, что Вы есть!
    Привет с Санкт-Петербурга, Россия.

    • Like Billy said writing out “dot” and “at” instead of using the symbols in this address is a way to clue in humans as to the correct email address. But ‘bots trolling for addies to spam won’t flash on it — so Jerry wrote it that way when we were first setting up the Mepis Users Manual (so many years ago!). Of course

      Continued great work, Jerry! Bless your meticulous heart for keeping it top-notch!

  3. Searching the program menu with ‘help’ doesn’t return the manual as a result – you have to use ‘manual’. Might be worth adding the help tag?

  4. Hello
    Thanks for Creating and supporting the best linux distro.
    you can rename MX Linux kde version to “MK Linux”.

    MG Linux -> Gnome
    MC Linux -> Cinnamon
    MM Linux -> Mate
    ML Linux -> Lxqt
    MF Linux -> Fluxbox

    • Cool idea!
      But “MC Linux” is my stage name when I’m doing my DJ gigs. MG Linux is an open-source British sports car. MM Linux is copyrighted by a candy company . MF Linux is what we call it when we can’t find some annoying bug, and saddest of all, MK Linux is a covert CIA program to steer public opinion.
      Seems like all the good names are taken. . .

  5. Excellent manual for beginners. It’s got me through quite a few head-scratching moments!
    I’ve noticed that pages 110-113 are blank in the 01 August version, however – just before Fig. 4-3.1 ‘Gwenview’ – don’t know if this is intentional? 🙂

  6. Muchisimas gracias, la acabo de instalar y me enamore de esta distribución, por favor sigan con sus empeño y sus logros, muchas felicitaciones a toda la comunidad, cuenten conmigo para lo que necesiten.

    Nuevamente Gracias


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