So we could use a little help with systemd-shim…

One of the unique features of MX has been the ability for the user to choose between systemd and sysVinit on installed systems. The magic sauce that made that work is a package called systemd-shim. However, development on systemd-shim stopped some time ago, and Debian recently dropped the package from the Buster repositories.

Our understanding is that the current state of systemd-shim does not work correctly with the version of systemd in Debian Buster, so we are exploring options for the future of MX.

To that end, one thing we want to explore is the possibility of continuing development of systemd-shim (and whatever systemd patches may be necessary for the systemd-shim to work properly). We have placed a BountySource job here:

So if you can help out with this project, please check out BountySource (FAQs) and let us know.

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3 thoughts on “So we could use a little help with systemd-shim…”

  1. Why not join forces with Devuan and move the base. Imho you are not aiming at exactly the same user groups so strengteening both distros seems a very positive idea.

  2. While that is a noble and heroic goal, I think it is ultimately futile since it is a constant game of catch-the-mouse. A similar thing happens in Gentoo with the patchset to make GNOME3 work freed from systemd – also a heroic effort but ultimately it is like Don Quichotte fighting windmills, erm, dragons.

    The current debian developers made it clear that debian is only for those who use systemd. I am not sure why (possibly direct payment from IBM Red Hat) but that’s the way it is.

    I am not sure if devuan will have the same use case since they focus on systemd-freedom. Another avenue may be to look at what LFS/BLFS is doing since they support both systemd-free and systemd-tainted variants (

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