VirtualBox Upgrade to 6.1.2 on Feb 6, 2020.

We are planning to push out an update to Virtualbox. Those of you with “saved” or “paused” virtualbox VM’s will need to shut them down before applying the update, or else risk that those “saved” and “paused” VM’s won’t operate after the update. This is try of most updates to VirtualBox, but we thought it prudent to give our users a little warning.

The update is necessary as the current version of Virtualbox’s kernel modules will not build on kernels newer than 5.3.

Here is the release notes from our Package Repo Manager Tim.

VirtualBox in MX-19 Main will be upgraded to version 6.1.2 tomorrow, 2/6/2020. There have been a number of bugfixes and improvements since the current version, and the current version will not build its modules on the new 5.4+ version kernels so this update is necessary,

VirtualBox users need to know that any Saved or Paused VMs will not open after a VirtualBox version update. Here are your options to avoid trouble:
1) Shutdown the OS in any VMs you have before you upgrade.
2) Lock your current VirtualBox version so it won’t upgrade.[code]sudo apt-mark hold virtualbox*[/code]If you also do updates with Synaptic you will need to lock the virtualbox packages there as well since it ignores [i]apt-mark hold[/i] and apt-get ignores Synaptic’s package locks.

If you have already upgraded you have two options to repair.
A) If the saved state of the VM is not important to you, you can use the Discard Saved State… option in the settings for that VM and it should start up.
B) If the saved state is important you can reinstall your old Virtualbox packages from /var/cache/apt/archives, then follow 1) or 2) above.

2 thoughts on “VirtualBox Upgrade to 6.1.2 on Feb 6, 2020.”

  1. thank-you kindly,
    i already have 1 VM (XP), though it is shut down atm,
    & will shortly be adding a few more (Hurd, ReactOS, w7 & w10).
    this kind of heads-up for your users is much appreciated, in case we aren’t aware of potential issues.


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