Xfce 4.16 packages available for MX-19 users

Xfce 4.16 final packages are available for testing purposes for MX 19 users.

FAIR WARNING: while the Xfce developers consider these packages final, there are some issues for debian stable users, including users of MX. See notes below.

How to get the packages:

add this line to your apt sources

Code: Select all

#dev temp repo
deb http://mxrepo.com/mx/repo/ temp main

This repo is not mirrored, so you must use that repo definition.

Enable the repo, check for updates, and the packages should be available for installation or update through the normal package and update applications. If you get an error installing the xfconf package, just rerun the update, it should go through the second time.

Known issues so far

1. The Xfce panel no longer supports gtk2 plugins, and as a result Orage calendar app and clock plugin will be removed, so the default clock plugin on the panel will also be removed. You can add a different clock plugin from the xfce panel preferences. Any other gtk2 plugins you may have will also quit working.

2. Xfce have created a new “status tray” in place of the old “system tray” notification area. There is some problem with Qt tray applications that have popup messages that when a popup message is generated, the tray icon changes to an “info” icon. After clearing the notification, the “info” icon does not revert to the normal app icon. Packages we’ve found that this affects are mx-updater/apt-notifier and ksnip. The issue has been reported to the Xfce gitlab issue tracker. App icons will return to normal if you quit and restart the app. In the updater’s case, you can reset the icon directly by using the MX-Updater menu entry without quitting the updater.

4. xfce4-power-manager systray icon is not populated correctly with some icon themes. the default Papirus icon themes are OK, but most of the others we offer, including adwaita, are not. also, when you change icon themes, you must do a “xfce4-power-manager –restart” for the icon change to take effect. the new xfce4-power-manager uses charging icons with increments of 10% rather than the old “low, 1/2, 3/4, full” method, and most of the debian icon themes will need rebuilt with new icons. (for the adventurous, debian 11’s adwaita-icon-theme has the icons, and seems to provide fallback icons for a lot of other themes).

Notable changes:

Panel has a user toggle-able “dark mode” which works with themes that have both a light and dark theme defined in theme, so you can use the panel in dark theme and the rest of the system in light, for instance.

Thunar is much much improved. and the right-click menu operates correctly.

“Display” has the xrandr scaling option we expose in MX-Tweak->Display Tab set up natively, and it does have fractional scaling, but only in increments of .5

There are a lot of other changes and fixes, especially in the xfwm window manager, so check it out if you want. You can report stuff here, but we may ask you to report bugs upstream to Xfce’s Gitlab as well. And if any of you coders out there can submit fixes for things, I’m sure the Xfce devs will be very happy (for me, I hope someone can fix that popup message bug on Qt apps…)



16 thoughts on “Xfce 4.16 packages available for MX-19 users”

  1. I’ll just keep my original version at this time. Until you’re ready to upgrade Xfce4. Don’t want to mess around fixing/adding applications to replace all my gtk2 applications at this time.

    xfce4-panel 4.14.1 (Xfce 4.14)

  2. Now, as there are a lot of broken pieces, I’d better wait till “experts” fix them together to get an idiot-proof running system. Will surely keep track of developments.

  3. Hoy instalé XFCE 4.16 siguiendo las indicaciones de arriba, no me afectó para nada el sistema, incluso Dolphin trabaja muy bien y las aplicaciones de KDE que instalé funcionan perfecto.


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