March Snapshots up

From Adrian:

The March snapshots have been uploaded:

  • new kernels with security patches,
  • new versions of Firefox and Thunderbird
  • the installer now supports UEFI booting when choosing "auto-install" on a 64bit UEFI enabled computer.

I also upgraded my latest pet project: MX Workbench (Swiss Army kind of tool for sysadmins based on MX-16), that's available in the community_respins subfolder.

The Official MX Linux Blog


MX Linux has a new blog!


Well it's about time, huh? This blog will serve from now on as the official public face/voice of the distro. We will use it to talk about items such as:

  • releases, both official and community
  • important development events
  • significant administrative issues

We hope you will enjoy seeing the road we are taking, and join us on our journey.

The MX Linux Dev Team


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