MX17 Artwork - Prettifying Our Distro

Thanks to the antiX and MX Community developers, MX Linux has garnered a reputation for being fast and resource-efficient, yet highly usable straight out of the box by newcomers and experienced users alike.  With MX17, I am excited that we have been able to up the level of polish considerably, to match its technical competence.

As part of this increased refinement, MX17 boasts new and original artwork from members of the MX Community, to whom we owe a huge amount of thanks.  We therefore felt the artwork and all our art contributors deserved to be highlighted in a blog post.

Important changes to MX Package Installer released

This morning's updates bring significant revisions to one of the MX Tools. MX Package Installer retains its selection of packages that are popular or somewhat obscure such as the language packs or Wine installation and configuration.

1. Responding to user request, packages can now be uninstalled by simply selecting them and clicking the appropriate button.

2. A second tab has greatly expanded the tool's functionality by adding new repos:

Linux Pro Italia names us Distro of the Month


MX Linux is very pleased that Linux Pro Italia has just named MX-16 its distro of the month. The DVD supplied with the magazine contains the MX-16 ISO and a full Italian translation of the Users Manual. The issue also includes an article with the history of the distro, an explanation of current features and illustrated steps for installation.

Dev Team reorganized

The MX Linux Development Team is pleased to announce a revision of its structure and function. This was triggered by the increase in user base with the release of the very successful MX-16, the need to develop new areas for expansion, and the wish to redistribute the work load as the distro moves forward.



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