GPG error and solutions

Recently the GPG signatures on one of the upstream repositories expired before it could be renewed. A fix should have propagated to all mirrors by now, and may require action on your part to correct.

For unknown reasons, the correct solution appears to vary somewhat by user, so multiple methods are given here that have proved to be successful:

1. Using Synaptic:

a. Reload source lists. You may receive an error message.
b. Mark all upgrades and apply.
c. When system pauses and asks whether to accept maintainers configuration changes, click accept.

March Snapshots up

From Adrian:

The March snapshots have been uploaded:

  • new kernels with security patches,
  • new versions of Firefox and Thunderbird
  • the installer now supports UEFI booting when choosing "auto-install" on a 64bit UEFI enabled computer.

I also upgraded my latest pet project: MX Workbench (Swiss Army kind of tool for sysadmins based on MX-16), that's available in the community_respins subfolder.

The Official MX Linux Blog


MX Linux has a new blog!


Well it's about time, huh? This blog will serve from now on as the official public face/voice of the distro. We will use it to talk about items such as:

  • releases, both official and community
  • important development events
  • significant administrative issues

We hope you will enjoy seeing the road we are taking, and join us on our journey.

The MX Linux Dev Team


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