MX-21.1 respin “Workbench” released

The Community Respin “Workbench” from MX Dev Adrian has been updated and upgraded for MX-21.1. Not meant for installation*, this extremely handy toolset is meant to be a kind of “Swiss Army knife” for sysadmins and others who want to have a highly customizable Live CD/DVD that is able to run different recovery and admin … Read more

MX-21.1 “Wildflower” released!

MX-21.1 now available! April 9, 2022 Updated iso images We are pleased to offer MX-21.1 for your use. MX-21.1 is the first refresh of our MX-21 release, consisting of bugfixes, kernels, and application updates since our original release of MX-21. If you are already running MX-21, there is no need to reinstall. Packages are all … Read more

MX-Linux_Raspberry Pi respin “Ragout2” released

Download: Intro video: Documentation: Ctrl+F1, or “?” icon on dock Feedback: It is a great pleasure to announce the release of MXRPi_220307 “Ragout2”, a personal respin with strong MX Dev support that unites Raspberry Pi with MX-Linux and offers two lightweight window managers: Fluxbox and Openbox. Features 32 bit Debian 10 (Buster) … Read more

MX-Linux Raspberry Pi respin “Ragout2” beta

Introduction A major upgrade of the Raspberry Pi Community Respin 21.02.20, “Ragout2” provides a stable, fast and fun OS for use with Raspberry Pi 3 and later devices. It unites the user-centered goodness of MX Linux with the educational flexibility of Raspberry Pi OS (=RPi), implementing the light-weight and elegant desktop MX’s unique implementations of … Read more

Do cool stuff with live-usbs

MX utilizes the antiX live system, which allows some pretty neat stuff, especially for enthusiast users. Probably the biggest advantage of the live system is that you can run a persistent live-usb environment, so installed apps are available on the next boot of the live system. And if you do an install from a persistent … Read more

Disk-manager and mx-samba-config

When MX 21 was released, many folks lamented the fact that disk-manager was missing from the default installation. Disk-manager was python2 based and the original author was not going to update the app to python3. So we adopted disk-manager into the mx tool family (with permission from original developer Mertens Florent), and a new version … Read more

MX-21 “AHS” iso now available

November 22, 2021 MX-21 “AHS” (Advanced Hardware Support) iso is now available. The release features all the updates and goodness packaged up with the other MX-21 releases, but with a 5.14 kernel and updated mesa, xorg and vulkan drivers to produce a graphic stack more in line with newer hardware, along with a few recompiled … Read more

MX-21 AHS repo- update problems

There are currently some libav packages that got into the main AHS repo that conflict with existing installs of MX-21. If you are using the AHS repos (ahs, kde) on MX-21, please do not update with AHS enabled. Sorry for the hassle. It will be resolved as quickly as possible. Update: users can revert to … Read more

MX-21 “Wildflower” released!

MX-21 now available! October 21, 2021 Updated iso images –direct download: Xfce Desktop 32 bit Xfce with debian standard 5.10 kernel sha256_checksum md5_checksum signature 64 bit Xfce with debian standard 5.10 kernel sha256_checksum md5_checksum signature the Xfce based “ahs” edition will be available at a later date. KDE/Plasma Desktop 64 bit KDE/plasma with Debian standard … Read more

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