MX-19.3 now available!

November 11, 2020 Updated iso images–direct download: Mirrors will populate over time. Other download locations: Torrents here: We are pleased to offer MX-19.3 for your use. MX-19.3 is the third refresh of our MX-19 release, consisting of bugfixes and application updates since our original release of MX-19. If you are already running MX-19, … Read more

MX-19.3 Release Candidate 1 now available

MX-19.3 Release Candidate 1 available for testing November 2, 2020 Updated iso images –direct download: We are pleased to offer MX-19.3 RC 1 for testing purposes. As usual, this iso includes the latest updates from debian 10.6 (buster), antiX and MX repos. This will be a short test cycle. This release rolls up debian … Read more

MX-Fluxbox releases new optional package

Not everything we develop ourselves or find useful in the work of past Fluxbox developers ends up in the released versions. Yet we would like to make such things available for interested users to try out, test and evaluate for possible inclusion in future versions. That is now possible with today’s release of the first … Read more

MX Workbench 2020 released

What is MX Workbench? It’s one of my personal projects (it’s not an official MX release, although many of the MX devs helped me build and test it — thank you!). It’s a custom Live-USB Linux build made with MX tools is that is meant to be a Swiss Army kind of tool for sysadmins, containing … Read more

MX-Fluxbox 2.2 released

MX Linux Devs and users are delighted to announce that a new version of MX Linux Fluxbox (AKA “MX-Fluxbox” or “MXFB”) has been released and will shortly become available in the repos. This totally integrated overlay to our flagship MX Linux Xfce combines the window management of Fluxbox with the desktop environment of Xfce to … Read more

MX-19.2 KDE now available

MX-19.2 KDE now available. August 16, 2020 –direct download: Mirror sites are also available: . Note it may take time for the mirrors to sync with the main download site. Torrent files here: We are pleased to offer MX-19.2 KDE for your use. MX-19.2 KDE is an Advanced Hardware Support (AHS) enabled … Read more

MX-19.2 KDE RC 1 available for testing

MX-19.2 KDE RC 1 available for testing August 9, 2020 Release Candidate testing release –direct download: Xdelta files are provided for users of MX-19.2 KDE Beta 2. You can build a RC1 iso from a Beta 2 iso by downloading the B2-RC1.xdelta3 file to the directory with your Beta 2 iso and using the … Read more

New version of the Users Manual released

It’s been chugging along for some 13 years, but the Users Manual is alive and well. An updated version has just been released, now a full 200 pages with the addition of KDE verbal and graphic support for the upcoming MX Linux – KDE. The Manual is installed with the OS, and is available online … Read more

MX-19.2 KDE Beta 2 available for testing

July 17, 2020 BETA testing release –direct download: We are pleased to offer MX-19.2 KDE Beta 2 for testing purposes. Bug fixes since beta 1: dbus message during login is now resolved kernel sandboxing enabled by default network-manager should now default to “all users can connect” a “test” MX Look-and-feel theme has been added, … Read more

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