MX 17 Beta 2

MX-17 beta 2 images are now available for download and testing.  direct download: torrents:32bit    linuxtracker 64bit    linuxtracker The beta 2 features the following : latest live system changes and fixes from the antiX projectthe latest updates from debian (stretch)4.13.0-0 kernels the 32 bit iso has a PAE kernel. The non-pae has been removed (really this time).updated … Read more

MX 17 Beta 1

MX-17 beta 1 images are now available for download and testing.  direct download: torrrents: 32-bit … rent&key=064-bit … rent&key=0 The beta 1 features the following : latest live system changes and fixes from the antiX project the latest updates from debian (stretch) 4.9.0-4 kernels (alphas featured 4.9.0-3) the 32 bit iso has a PAE kernel.  … Read more

MX 17 Status Report

There have been some questions on the Forum about what is going on with MX-17, so here’s the skinny so far. What is the current state? 1. There is no official “pre-alpha” released or ‘in the wild” at this time. But a “Stretch” MX repo exists which is slowly being populated with packages for MX-17. … Read more

Debian 9 (Stretch) and MX-16

With the release of Debian Stretch as the new Stable, many users have begun to wonder how that relates to MX Linux. These Questions and Answers are designed to respond to that understandable reaction. Q: When will MX Linux change its base to the new Stable?A: The official change will occur with the release of MX-17, tentatively … Read more

MX-16.1 now available

We are pleased to announce the release of MX-16.1.  Images are available via or from Torrents are available as well:  32bit torrent   64bit torrent So what’s new vs. MX-16? 1. Installer improvements:        a. The installer now supports home folder encryption. This is an experimental feature.        b. An issue with partition boot … Read more

Now testing the Point Release Beta

MX Devs have begun to test the beta version of the point release MX-16.1 that will be released in the coming weeks. In addition to many bug fixes that have accumulated since MX-16 first came out, it will include other changes: Significant updates to a whole cluster of major packages. Revisions to MX Tools with … Read more

Important changes to MX Package Installer Released

This morning’s updates bring significant revisions to one of the MX Tools. MX Package Installer retains its selection of packages that are popular or somewhat obscure such as the language packs or Wine installation and configuration. Responding to user request, packages can now be uninstalled by simply selecting them and clicking the appropriate button. A … Read more

Linux Pro Italia names us Distro of the Month

MX Linux is very pleased that Linux Pro Italia has just named MX-16 its distro of the month. The DVD supplied with the magazine contains the MX-16 ISO and a full Italian translation of the Users Manual. The issue also includes an article with the history of the distro, an explanation of current features and … Read more

Dev Team Reorganized

The MX Linux Development Team is pleased to announce a revision of its structure and function. This was triggered by the increase in user base with the release of the very successful MX-16, the need to develop new areas for expansion, and the wish to redistribute the work load as the distro moves forward. The … Read more

GPG error and solutions

Recently the GPG signatures on one of the upstream repositories expired before it could be renewed. A fix should have propagated to all mirrors by now, and may require action on your part to correct. For unknown reasons, the correct solution appears to vary somewhat by user, so multiple methods are given here that have … Read more

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