MX-16.1 now available

We are pleased to announce the release of MX-16.1.  Images are available via or from Torrents are available as well:  32bit torrent   64bit torrent So what’s new vs. MX-16? 1. Installer improvements:        a. The installer now supports home folder encryption. This is an experimental feature.        b. An issue with partition boot … Read more MX-16.1 now available

Important changes to MX Package Installer Released

This morning’s updates bring significant revisions to one of the MX Tools. MX Package Installer retains its selection of packages that are popular or somewhat obscure such as the language packs or Wine installation and configuration. Responding to user request, packages can now be uninstalled by simply selecting them and clicking the appropriate button. A … Read more Important changes to MX Package Installer Released

March Snapshots up

From Adrian: The March snapshots have been uploaded: new kernels with security patches, new versions of Firefox and Thunderbird the installer now supports UEFI booting when choosing “auto-install” on a 64bit UEFI enabled computer. I also upgraded my latest pet project: MX Workbench (Swiss Army kind of tool for sysadmins based on MX-16), that’s … Read more March Snapshots up

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