Introduction Tralala Installation Installed by default through MX-18x. MX-19 will ship Xfce 14.4 for the first time, which will not include it because it has not been ported to GTK3. It should nonetheless run normally, since the new panel can accommodate both GTK2 and GTK3 apps. Links How to link orage to your Google calendar … Read moreOrage


A locale is a set of environmental variables that defines the language, country, and character encoding settings (or any other special variant preferences) for your applications and shell session on a Linux system. These environmental variables are used by system libraries and locale-aware applications on the system. To see the ones installed on your system, open a … Read moreLocale


Introduction Wacom is a Japanese company that produces graphics tablets  that enables a user to hand-draw images, animations and graphics, with a special pen-like stylus.  Installation [Debian Wiki] Wacom tablets are auto-detected and natively supported on Debian. Check if the device is detected correctly: xsetwacom –list dev You should get something like this: Wacom Co.,Ltd. Cintiq … Read moreWacom