Overview AppArmor is an application security tool designed to provide an easy-to-use security framework for your applications. AppArmor proactively protects the operating system and applications from external or internal threats, even zero-day attacks, by enforcing good behaviour and preventing even unknown application flaws from being exploited. AppArmor security policies, called “profiles”, completely define what system … Read moreAppArmor

HELP: Format USB

Format USB allows the user to format removable usb devices. Choose the target device, format (fat32/vfat, ntfs, ext4, exfat), and optionally provide a label for the filesystem. The whole device will be re-partitioned into one partition and then formatted per the user’s choice. Development History: dolphin oracle, modified from mx-live-usb-maker (adrian) and providing a gui … Read moreHELP: Format USB

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