MX Samba Config is a tool to help users manager their samba/cifs network shares. Users can create and edit shares that they own, as well as manage user access permissions for those shares. Shares and Users are managed on individual tabs. A status area at the bottom of the interface shows whether samba is running … Read more

Signed ISO files

As of the antiX-15.1 release (March 16, 2016), both antiX Main and antiX MX iso files to be downloaded have been signed by the appropriate lead dev. Also, MX snapshots and remasters are now signed. antiX and MX devs strongly advise users to verify the iso files for authenticity by following the steps below. ISO … Read more

Docklike Taskbar

In MX-21, the new Docklike Taskbar (xfce4-docklike-plugin) replaces the Xfce Window Buttons used in previous MX releases. It is a lightweight, modern, and minimalist taskbar for Xfce. It provides the same functionality as Xfce Window Buttons, while also providing more advanced “dock” like features. Window Buttons can be restored by right-clicking an empty space > … Read more


Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software is produced in such a way that it allows a second party to adapt original software (here: an MX release) to new usage. This is useful for selling or giving away a computer with an OS pre-loaded on it. Any MX Linux version can be installed as an OEM by using … Read more

MX-Fluxbox Raspberry Pi: First Steps

Configuration 1 Sound 3 Bluetooth 5 Wifi 5 Once you have booted your new installation, connected to a network, and watched the introductory video, there are a few things you may want to configure. This brief guide will help you. Configuration Raspberry Pi On the Dock, click the Raspberry icon to open the configuration window: … Read more


Introduction A crontab file is a simple text file containing a list of commands meant to be run at specified times. Each user (including root) has one. It is commonly edited in a terminal using the crontab command. The commands in the crontab file (and their run times) are checked by the cron daemon, whether … Read more

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