MX Samba Config is a tool to help users manager their samba/cifs network shares. Users can create and edit shares that they own, as well as manage user access permissions for those shares. Shares and Users are managed on individual tabs. A status area at the bottom of the interface shows whether samba is running … Read more

MX-Fluxbox Raspberry Pi: First Steps

Configuration 1 Sound 3 Bluetooth 5 Wifi 5 Once you have booted your new installation, connected to a network, and watched the introductory video, there are a few things you may want to configure. This brief guide will help you. Configuration Raspberry Pi On the Dock, click the Raspberry icon to open the configuration window: … Read more

HELP: Rofi

Introduction Rofi is an X11 pop-up window switcher, run dialog, script launcher and more. It focuses on being fast to use and causing minimal distraction. This Help file describes it as installed in MX-Fluxbox 2.2 and later to function as the run app instead of the native fbrun. Usage The app can be launched in … Read more

HELP: MX Dockmaker

Introduction MX-Dockmaker is a GUI application for MX-Fluxbox. It is designed to make the creating and managing of docks–that is, of a series of program launchers–easy for the average user. It makes use of a recent CLI app developed by Sébastien Ballet called wmalauncher. The docks are basically scripts that set the location and list … Read more


Introduction Wmalauncher is a CLI app created by Sébastien Ballet in 2018 as “an easy to use and highly configurable application launcher especially designed for fluxbox” (man wmalauncher). The Dev has been very helpful in adapting his app to the MX Linux use environment. This HELP file treats exclusively of the CLI app, ignoring the … Read more

HELP: MX-Fluxbox

Basic help for MX-Fluxbox and its components is available in the documents available in ~/.fluxbox/doc/ and in HELP: Mx-idesktool. This Wiki entry covers more advanced topics. Lower memory usage A number of users have worked on lowering memory usage, and there are a couple of threads on that topic in the MX-Fluxbox forum. User seaken64 … Read more

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