HELP: MX Check Apt GPG

Displays the status of gpg keyrings for any configured repository in the system apt sources. Click Start menu ≻ System ≻MX Fix GPG keys If a key is missing, it will ask you whether you want to attempt to find and install it. Enter Y and it will search online sources and install the key … Read more

HELP: MX Boot Repair

Procedure Boot to the LiveMedium and click Start Menu ≻ System ≻ MX Boot Repair and select the appropriate option. GRUB Reinstall a new bootloader. (UEFI support except in MX14) Repair the bootloader by regenerating the GRUB configuration file (grub.cfg). This is the most common use of this application, turned to when it is not … Read more

HELP: MX Apt-notifier

MX-Updater (formerly called apt-notifier) checks the repos to look for package updates. A cronjob (a scheduled task using cron) does a check at a random time between 5 and 35 minutes after bootup if it’s been more than 24 hours since the last check. If the machine is then left running continuously, the cronjob runs … Read more

HELP: Disk Manager

Introduction Disk Manager (DM)is a simple file system GUI configuration tool that allows you to: Automatically detect new partitions at startup Fully manage configuration of file system Enable/disable write support for NTFS The tool has been out of development since 2011, but MX Linux took over the project with permission from the original developer because … Read more

HELP: MX Flash Manager

Flash options Adobe Flash Player This Player is proprietary software distributed by Adobe without charge. It permits the viewing and streaming of multimedia content, and is familiar to users in the form of online videos, games and animations. You can adjust its behavior by clicking Start menu > Settings > Adobe Flash Player. For all … Read more

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