Rsync mirror script

Current Rsync Server Script 03/30/2020 for syncing from source forge with direct uploads to head rsync mirror. Builds rsync mirror directory structure. Compares and downloads with Source Forge Sets directly uploaded files to mirror.

Mirroring MX/antiX Linux

Two rsync archives can be mirrored for MX Linux: an ISO archive and a package archive. The MX-ISOs archive also contains ISOs of recent releases of antiX versions (antiX Base, antiX Core and antiX Full). The package archive now also includes a mirror of the antiX package repositories. If you decide to mirror us, please … Read more

Package mirrors

On this page: MX-17 antiX-17 MX-16 antiX-15 MX-15 MX-14 and Mepis 12 MX-17 The mirrors listed below are tracking the following upstream sources on a 12h cycle: deb stretch main deb mx17 non-free main deb mx7 test Crete deb mx17 main non-free deb mx17 test Denmark deb main non-free … Read more

MX Linux