Community Repos

The aim of the CR is to provide applications that are not included in the default Debian or MEPIS repositories, and/or provide newer (more up to date) versions of existing applications when requested. We do this by either compiling direct from source, backporting from upstream existing Debian packages or adapting packages prepared by other distros in the Debian family.


The CR consists of 2 separate sections:

  • main: most users should use at least the Main CR Repo.
  • test: these packages are being tested before moving to Main.

Available CR packages for MEPIS and MX can be viewed through links on this up-to-date page. The preferred method of installing packages is by adding these repositories to your /etc/apt/sources.list file and using the normal tools Synaptic or apt-get. Please consult the Mepis Wiki for the correct information for your version of MEPIS, or the MX Wiki for MX Linux.


  • In MEPIS 7 and 8 users may need to edit /etc/apt/preferences file (as root) to enable the Community Repository packages to show as upgrades. Please visit the MEPIS forums and ask for help on doing this.
  • In MEPIS 11 and 12 as well as MX-14, the Community Repositories have already been entered in your repository list, but are disabled by default. In Synaptic, you can enable them in Settings -> Repositories by checking the boxes next to their entries - which will begin with deb


The MEPIS Packaging Team attempts to make the contents of the Community Repository as stable & trouble free as possible for you - but there are no guarantees. We are following strict packaging guidelines to try and ensure no compatability issues - however if you do use it, you acknowledge that you do this at your own risk.