Current Release Features

Basic traits

  • Kernels (secured against known vulnerabilities)
    • 32bit: Linux kernel 3.16 PAE or non-PAE. Very stable kernel for many machines.
    • 64bit: linux-image-4.7.0-0.bpo.1-amd64. Recent stable kernel for newer machines.
    • Easy upgrade (up to 4.11 liquorix in Test Repo) or downgrade with Package Installer
  • Foundation
    • Debian Stable "Jessie" (8.8), upgraded by ongoing backports
    • Xfce 4.12.2
    • core antiX systems
  • Automatic enabling of most Broadcom drivers
  • UEFI installer (64bit)
Package Installer
Package Installer: kernels

User Experience

  • Stable
  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Excellent hardware recognition
  • Automatic configuration for most users
  • One-click change of panel orientation and default theme
  • One-click enabling of Event sounds
  • Important applications updated regularly by Community
  • MX Tools dashboard for easy access to MX apps
  • Localization for MX apps in many languages
  • Great help through video set
  • Full Users Manual onboard and online
  • Excellent support on a friendly forum
Panel orientation
Panel orientation tool

Tools to make common tasks easier

Many of these Tools were developed specifically for MX, while some were forked from existing antiX apps or are existing antiX apps; a couple were imported with permission from outside sources.

  • Live
  • Maintenance
    • Boot repair
    • Flash manager
    • Menu editor
    • User manager
  • Setup
    • Broadcom manager
    • Codecs installer
    • Default look
    • Panel orientation
    • Select sound
    • System sounds
    • Welcome
  • Software
    • Apt notifier
    • Check Apt GPG
    • Package installer: now includes Debian Backports, MX Test, and Debian Stable repos
    • Repo manager
  • Utilities
    • Find shares
    • Switch user
    • USB unmounter
mx tools
MX Tools dashboard

One-click Extras with Package Installer

The MX Package Installer includes 1) popular applications from the Debian Stable repos; 2) packages brought in from Debian Testing/Sid and properly configured; 3) packages not found in Debian repos at all but pulled from developers' websites or other distro-specific repos and also properly configured.

Package installer
Package Installer: Children

Advanced LiveUSB (antiX)

  • Many new Live boot options
  • Run in Live mode in 10 languages
  • Live kernel installer
  • Easy Live-remaster to make a custom LiveUSB or your own version to distribute as an ISO
  • Three forms of Live persistence (i.e., what files are kept on the LiveUSB): details (video)
  • Easy "frugal" installation option
  • Simple creation of custom snapshots (as easy as: add/remove packages, change settings, take a snapshot)
  • Automatic check of LiveUSB file systems for integrity
Snapshot tool