Current Release Features

Basic traits

  • Kernels (secured against known vulnerabilities)
    • 32bit: Linux kernel 4.19.5 PAE (non-PAE kernel: antiX). Very stable kernel for many machines.
    • 64bit: linux-image-4.19.5-amd64. Recent stable kernel for newer machines.
    • Easy kernel upgrade or downgrade with MX Package Installer
  • Foundation
    • Debian Stable 9.6 (Stretch), augmented by ongoing backports and additions
    • Xfce 4.12.3
    • core antiX systems
  • Automatic enabling of most Broadcom drivers
  • UEFI installer (64bit & 32bit)
  • LUKS encrypted root, home, and swap partition options
  • new Bug Manager for better user experience

Details in the Blog post by Dolphin Oracle.

User Experience

  • Stable
  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Excellent hardware recognition
  • Automatic configuration for most users
  • One-click change of panel orientation and default theme
  • One-click enabling of Event sounds
  • Hibernation now enabled by default
  • Important applications updated regularly by Community
  • Significant upgrades to MX Tools
  • Localization for MX apps in many languages
  • Great help through video set
  • Full Users Manual onboard and online
  • Excellent support on a friendly forum

Tools to make common tasks easier

Many of these Tools were developed specifically for MX, while some were forked from existing antiX apps or are existing antiX apps; a couple were imported with permission from outside sources.

  • Live
    • Live USB maker
    • Live-usb kernel updater
    • Remaster tool
    • Snapshot
  • Maintenance
    • Boot options, now expanded to install grub themes
    • Boot repair
    • Cleanup
    • Menu editor
    • User manager
  • Setup
    • Nvidia driver installer
    • Codecs installer, now includes updated S3 texture packs
    • Conky
    • Network Assistant
    • Select sound
    • System sounds
    • Tweak
    • Welcome
    • System keyboard
    • System locales
  • Software
    • Fix GPG keys
    • Package installer: now includes Debian Backports, MX Test, Flatpaks, and Debian Stable repos
    • Repo manager
  • Utilities
    • Quick System Info
    • iDevice Mounter

One-click Extras with Package Installer

The MX Package Installer includes 1) popular applications from the Debian Stable repos; 2) packages brought in from Debian Testing/Sid and properly configured; 3) packages not found in Debian repos at all but pulled from developers' websites or other distro-specific repos and also properly configured; 4) applications undergoing evaluation in MX Test Repo; 5) Flatpaks.

  • Audio: Audacity, DeaDBeeF, Pithos, Spotify, etc.
  • Browser: Palemoon, Qupzilla, etc.
  • Children: Preschool, Primary, etc.
  • Graphics: ImageMagik, Inkscape, etc.
  • Docks: Docky, Plank, etc.
  • Icons: Faba, Moka, etc.
  • Kernels: various patched options
  • Language: language packs for Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.
  • Media Center: Kodi, Plex, etc.
  • Messaging: Pidgin, Skype, etc.
  • Misc: Google Earth, VirtualBox, etc.
  • Network: Dropbox, Tor and Privoxy, etc.
  • Office: GnuCash, Adobe Reader, Calibre, etc.
  • Themes: Adapta, Obsidian1, etc.
  • Video: DVDStyler, MPlayer, OpenShot, etc
  • Window managers: Budgie Desktop, Compiz, MATE, etc.

Advanced LiveUSB (antiX)

  • Many new Live boot options inherited from antiX Linux
  • Run in Live mode in 10 languages
  • Live kernel upgrader
  • Easy Live-remaster to make a custom LiveUSB or your own version to distribute as an ISO
  • Three forms of Live persistence (i.e., what files are kept on the LiveUSB): details (video)
  • Easy "frugal" installation option
  • Simple creation of custom snapshots (as easy as: add/remove packages, change settings, take a snapshot)
  • Automatic check of LiveUSB file systems for integrity